NFL News: Approved 2024 Playing Rules, Bylaws and Resolutions

By Lydia Jane Allison


NFL clubs adopted the following rules change proposals, bylaws and resolutions at the NFL Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, including the adoption of a new kickoff rule.

2024 Approved Playing Rules Summary

  1. By Detroit; amends Rule 15, Section 1, Article 1, to protect a club’s ability to challenge a third ruling following one successful challenge.
  1. By Competition Committee; amends Rule 14, Section 5, Article 2, to allow for an enforcement of a major foul by the offense prior to a change of possession in a situation where there are fouls by both teams.
  2. By Competition Committee; amends Rule 15, Section 3, Article 3, to include a ruling of a passer down by contact or out of bounds before throwing a pass as a reviewable play.
  3. By Competition Committee; amends Rule 15, Section 3, Article 9, to allow a replay review when there is clear and obvious visual evidence that the game clock expired before any snap.
  4. By Competition Committee; amends Rule 12, Section 2, to eliminate a potentially dangerous tackling technique.​

10A.  By Competition Committee; for one year only, amends Rule 6, to create a new form of a free kick play that is designed to: (1) resemble a typical scrimmage play by aligning players on both teams closer together and restricting movement to reduce space and speed; and (2) promote more returns. Permits the Replay Official automatically review whether a free kick legally touched the ground or a receiving team player in the landing zone.

2024 Approved Bylaws Summary

  1.  By Detroit; amends Article XVII, Section 17.16 (C) of the Constitution & Bylaws, to provide  clubs with an unlimited number of designated for return transactions in the postseason.
  2. By Pittsburgh; amends Article XVI, Section 16.6 of the Constitution & Bylaws, to move the trading deadline to the Tuesday after Week 9 games.
  3. By Competition Committee; amends Article XVII, Section 17.16(C), to permit each club to place a maximum of two players who are placed on an applicable Reserve List on the business  day of the final roster reduction to be designated for return. Such players will immediately count as two of the club’s total designations.
  4. By Competition Committee; amends Article XVII, Section 17.3, to expand the Standard Elevation rules to permit clubs to elevate a bona fide Quarterback an unlimited number of times from its practice squad to its Active List to be its Emergency Third Quarterback.

2024 Approved ResolutionSummary​

G-1.  By Buffalo; to make the injury reporting rules for players who do not travel with their clubs to games away from their home city competitively fairer.

G-2A.  By Jacksonville; expands the 2023 preseason trial of providing a specific Hawk-Eye feed in the coaches booths for the 2024 preseason with full implementation for the 2025 season.



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