LA Dodgers News: reveals new stadium upgrades for the 2024 season

By J.Y. Mortimer

Dodger Stadium and Downtown Los Angeles in 2020. By Cody Williams, CC BY-SA 4.0, https

April 12th, 2024


LOS ANGELES – At the outset of the 2024 season, the Dodgers have launched a number of new offerings and improvements at Dodger Stadium for fans to enjoy at this historic and diverse destination.

On March 26, the Dodgers unveiled their Japanese stone lantern from 1965 at a more prominent location on Top Deck. The lantern was presented to the Dodgers organization by Japanese sports columnist Sotaro Suzuki, who is also a member of the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame. The eight-foot, 3,921-pound Kasuga-style stone lantern was gifted to the organization and team president Walter O’Malley by Suzuki as a thank you for inviting him and his wife, Toku, as guests to Dodger Stadium’s grand opening on April 9, 1962. Fans can now see and photograph the lantern.

To acknowledge fans who have traveled from overseas to see newly acquired Dodgers Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Fan Services stations throughout the stadium all feature a translator device to better communicate with fans. There is also an increased amount of multi-lingual signage posted in all fan-facing areas.

The Dodgers formally launched Dodgers 365 last July, a department focused on non-baseball event initiatives and new opportunities for people to engage with Dodger Stadium. While the stadium has hosted concerts and other events in the past, Dodgers 365 has centralized its efforts in 2024 by combining tours, stadium rentals and other ticketed event experiences to program the stadium year-round.

Specifically, Dodger Stadium Tours continue to expand their offerings with more gameday tour options – both pregame tours and VIP tours. This includes the addition of tours in Japanese, which run four days per week with two different time slots. For more information, visit

Last year, the Dodgers introduced their new drone shows with smashing success. This season, fans have 10 opportunities to witness the drones shows, which take place after the games and are all produced with specialty themes and unique music. The number of drones has also increased, with the minimum number of drones expanding from 400 to 500, and four of the 10 shows will feature 1,000 drones.

Over the off-season, the benches of the pavilion seats were refreshed to better serve fans.

UberEats is now making it easier and less time-consuming for fans to purchase concessions. Fans can place their orders through the app and pick up their food from express pick-up lanes at select stands.

In an effort to reduce paper usage, QR codes are available in premium seating areas. Fans can scan the QR code using their smart phones to easily access the day’s menu.

There are also several new food items all around the stadium, as listed below:

*7th Inning Sweets, Trolley Treats** *(Field 46; Reserve 2)***

Fried PBB&J

Fried peanut butter, banana, and jelly

Tiger Milk Boba

*Fan Fare** *(Field 10; Reserve 31*)

Birria Burger

Beef angus patty, birria, cheese quesadilla on a potato bun with a side of consummé

*Think Blue BBQ** *(Left Field Plaza)***

Pulled Pork Mac n’ Cheese

Smoked gouda Mac ‘n’ Cheese topped with BBQ pulled pork and herb panko

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich

Smoked BBQ pulled chicken on potato bun topped with coleslaw

Burnt End Hot Links

Spicy coleslaw, burnt end hot link served on a hot dog bun (Offered starting April 19th)

Brisket Nachos

Brisket, nacho cheese, pickled onions, BBQ sauce

*Tsukiji Gindaco (Field 45)

Original Takoyaki

Deep fried octopus balls topped with sushi sauce, kewpie mayo, seaweed, and bonito flakes

Cheese and Salsa Takoyaki

Cheese and Guacamole Takoyaki

Tempura and Sweet Soy Sauce Takoyaki

*Flamin Hot Corner (Field 47)


Sweet corn rolled in lemon aioli and dusted with crushed Hot Cheetos

*Hornitos Cantina (Field 52)

Loaded Carne Asada Potato

Clarified butter, carne asada, pico de gallo, shredded cheese, sour cream, scallions

*DH- Delicious Hospitality** *(Field 8)***

Short Rib Bowl

Grilled Korean short ribs served with kimchi on a bowl of rice topped with sesame seeds.

Chicken Katsu Sando

Shredded cabbage, kewpie mayo, Tonkatsu sauce

Home Plate Sampler

Veggie spring rolls, veggie tempura, veggie gyoza, and teriyaki chicken skewers

Miso Ginger Salad

Edamame, lettuce, shredded cabbage, shredded carrots, wonton strips, miso ginger vinaigrette

*Chicken Changeup** *(Reserve 12) ***

Hand Breaded Chicken Tender

In-house hand-breaded tender served with crispy fries and change-up sauce

*LA Feeds Blue (Left Field Plaza)

Rotating menu and will be utilized during specialty nights to highlight corresponding heritage foods and unique offerings not offered anywhere else in the stadium

Kurobuta Pork Sausage

Teriyaki Sauce, Kewpie Mayo, furikake, sesame seeds, crispy onions

*La Taqueria (CF Pavilion)

Carne Asada Torta

Carne asada, pinto beans, guacamole, charred jalapeno peppers, shredded lettuce, mayo

*Fan Fare (Reserve 31, Loge 133, Left CF Pavilion 305)

Korean Fried Bucket

Twice-fried chicken tossed in a sweet and spicy gochujang sauce, topped with scallions and sesame seeds. Served with crispy waffle fries

*Fan Fare (Reserve 4)

Fried Pickles



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