Today is Saturday, August 19, 2023

By Mona Hatfield

On this date in 2008, a bronze statue of Arthur Fonzie Fonzarelli was unveiled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (file photo)


Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, better known as “Fonzie” or “The Fonz“, is a fictional high school dropout played by Henry Winkler in the American sitcom Happy Days (1974–1984). He was originally a secondary character, but was soon positioned as a lead character when he began surpassing the other characters in popularity. The Fonzie character was so popular that in the second season producers considered renaming the show to “Fonzie’s Happy Days.” To many, Fonzie is seen as the epitome of cool and a sex symbol.

Happy Days producer and writer Bob Brunner created both Arthur Fonzarelli’s “Fonzie” nickname, and the invented put-down, “Sit on it”. The character was a stereotypical greaser who was frequently seen on his motorcycle, wore a leather jacket, and typified the essence of cool, in contrast to his circle of friends.

On November 8, 1980, Hanna-Barbera Productions and Paramount Television produced the ABC Saturday morning The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang animated series during the Saturday morning schedule on ABC.

Fonzie is one of only two characters (along with Howard Cunningham) to appear in all 255 episodes.

Henry Winkler as Fonzie from the television program Happy Days. 1977 photo. By ABC Television, Public Domain, https


Question of the Day

What does a thick husk on ears of corn mean?

In weather folklore, if corn shucks are thicker or tougher than ordinary, a rough winter may be ahead.

Advice of the Day

Use cream of tartar as a cleanser to brighten stainless steel.

Home Hint of the Day

If no other treatment is available for bee stings, one of the simplest old-time treatments is a handful of mud. Just scoop up the mud and hold it on the sting until the mud dries.

Word of the Day


A recording barometer.

Puzzle of the Day

The Pelican State.(Name the U.S. state!)



  • Axel Fredrik Cronstedt (Swedish scientist) – 
  • James Geddes (engineer) – 
  • Federico García Lorca (writer) – 
  • Groucho Marx (comedian & actor) – 
  • Otto Frank (father of Anne Frank) – 
  • Sri Swami Satchidananda (founded Yogaville” in Virginia”) – 
  • Tony Scott (director) – 


  • Orville Wright (aviator) – 
  • Coco Chanel (designer) – 
  • Ogden Nash (writer) – 
  • Malcolm Forbes (publisher) – 
  • Gene Roddenberry (author, producer) – 
  • Willie Shoemaker (jockey) – 
  • Bill Clinton (42nd U.S. president) – 
  • Jonathan Frakes (actor) – 
  • Peter Gallagher (actor) – 
  • John Stamos (actor) – 
  • Kyra Sedgwick (actress) – 
  • Lee Ann Womack (country musician) – 
  • Matthew Perry (actor) – 
  • Callum Blue (actor) – 
  • Jennifer Morrison (actress) – 
  • Erika Christensen (actress) – 


  • Five hanged for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts– 
  • In a battle off Nova Scotia, the USS Constitution earned the nickname Old Ironsides and sank the British frigate HMS Guerrière– 
  • Farmer Gail Borden obtained a patent for his process for condensing milk– 
  • The Soviet Union launched Sputnik 5, a space menagerie. Two dog passengers, Belka and Strelka, became the first living organisms recovered from orbit– 
  • Strong earthquake in Turkey killed over 2,000 people– 
  • 72-pound lake trout was caught in Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories– 
  • Carly Patterson became the first American in 20 years to win the women’s Olympic gymnastics all-around gold medal– 
  • A bronze statue of Arthur Fonzie Fonzarelli was unveiled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin– 


  • The thermometer soared to 102.92 degrees F (39.4 degrees C) in Rexton, New Brunswick– 
  • Hurricane Diane caused unprecedented flooding of many small rivers in New England, resulting in 184 deaths and $1 billion in damage– 
  • Hurricane Bob hit New England–