JULY 27, 2022

LONDON and WEST PALM BEACH, Florida – Building on the successful start to the 2022 LIV Golf Invitational Series and the incredible feedback received from players and fans, LIV Golf today announced that the LIV Golf League will officially launch in 2023 with 48 players and 12 established team franchises competing in a 14-tournament schedule. The full slate of events will be announced at a later date and is expected to expand LIV Golf’s global footprint across North and Latin Americas, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Europe.

As the first-ever global golf league committed to the sport’s worldwide growth, LIV Golf will also continue its enhancement of player pathways through the International Series, a groundbreaking series of events launched this year through a $300 million commitment from LIV Golf to the Asian Tour. LIV Golf League players are expected to compete in numerous International Series tournaments, bringing the world’s top players to locations such as Thailand, England, Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, Indonesia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and new locations across the Americas and Europe. Tournaments will be broadcast across the globe and showcase an international field of headline and next-generation talent for a worldwide audience.

In total, LIV Golf will deliver 25 tournaments worldwide in 2023 that will bring value, innovation and new audiences to the game of golf.

“LIV Golf’s expanding global platform will add a new dimension to the golf ecosystem as we know it, one that provides an opportunity for players and fans around the world to help maximize our beloved sport’s true potential,” said Greg Norman, CEO and Commissioner of LIV Golf. “Our franchise model will bring new energy and excitement to fans from all corners of the world, establishing a league of teams to connect and grow with. The International Series will attract new talent and offer unprecedented pathways that develop the next generation of stars. LIV Golf is committed to making sustainable investments that grow the game now and for the future, and we are proud to turn these dreams into a reality.”

Consistent with the 2022 LIV Golf Invitational Series, LIV Golf League will showcase its innovative new golf format featuring simultaneous team and individual play with athletes competing for an unprecedented $405 million in prize purses. As a result, players will consistently play head-to-head against their rivals throughout the year, providing fans with a unique experience.

Each season will culminate in a Team World Championship match play grand finale. The 2023 league schedule will not compete with the Majors, international team events or heritage events so the best players in the game will always be able to make their own choices about where to play.

Team golf has proven it has the ability to produce many of the game’s most exciting moments, and it is at the heart of the new structure. Each team will be led by one established Team Captain and will follow a franchise model akin to other sports. Team Captains will compete and have the ability to build their franchises as they see fit in an effort to gain the greatest fan following and sponsor interest.

LIV Golf League will guarantee open competition with opportunities for promotions and relegations through the LIV Golf International Series, annually delivering new opportunities for international golfers, as well as pathways for amateurs and the next generation of leading players into elite professional golf. This format provides broad exemption categories so a wide spectrum of players can attempt to earn their way into the league. In addition, an end-of-season LIV Golf Promotions event will provide further opportunity for new talent to enter the league.

LIV Golf recently pledged $100 million through the introduction of LIV to Give, the organization’s global Corporate Social Responsibility platform designed to support social and environmental efforts worldwide and in each tournament host community. Embedded in the organization’s commitment to serve as a catalyst for positive change, LIV Golf will support a broad range of initiatives targeting education, environmental sustainability, golf development programs, and the well-being of communities in the short and long term. LIV to Give will implement a framework that commits LIV Golf, team franchises, and its players to support its mission and set key performance indicators that monitor progress and impact. Additional details on the global platform will follow in due course.

LIV Golf is owned and operated by LIV Golf Investments whose vision and mission are centered around making holistic and sustainable investments to enhance the global golf ecosystem and unlock the sport’s untapped worldwide potential. 

LIV Golf Investments is a newly formed company, with group companies in the USA and UK. Its purpose is to holistically improve the health of professional golf on a global scale to help unlock the sports’ untapped potential. Greg Norman is the first and founding CEO of LIV Golf Investments. PIF, one of the world’s largest wealth funds, with a diverse international investment portfolio, is the majority shareholder in LIV Golf Investments.  


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