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Both programs aim to continue building a diverse pipeline of front office and coaching candidates

In partnership with the Black College Football Hall of Fame, the National Football League (NFL) today announced the second annual OZZIE NEWSOME GENERAL MANAGER FORUM and the fifth annual QUARTERBACK COACHING SUMMIT. From June 21-23, front office personnel and coaches from the NFL will take part in the programs both at the NFL Los Angeles office and virtually to experience professional development and networking opportunities with NFL club executives. 

“The Ozzie Newsome General Manager Forum and Quarterback Coaching Summit are part of our ongoing efforts to establish a cultural norm of opportunity for all, and a steadfast commitment to developing a diverse and inclusive workforce,” said NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations TROY VINCENT SR. “With the in-person engagement participants will be exposed to the experienced coach and seasoned football personnel. They will have the opportunity to gain insight from these leaders in the football community.”

Participants will gain insights and knowledge directly from quarterback coaches, offensive coordinators, head coaches and general managers. The programming will provide a platform to help prepare, educate, and identify quality minority candidates across the league. Both the Forum and the Summit will feature a variety of sessions, including how to build a coaching staff, position coach roles, analytics and how to prepare for interview sessions. There will also be sessions hosted by club ownership, including priorities and the process of selecting a head coach and general manager.

“We want to continue to create opportunities for some of the best and brightest football minds around the country to display their knowledge to NFL club leadership and media,” Black College Football Hall of Fame Co-Founder DOUG WILLIAMS. “There are many quality diverse coaching candidates and front office executives that deserve to be considered for open positions in the league.” 

The June 21 Ozzie Newsome General Manager Forum will feature sessions and panels led by NFL owners and front office personnel including:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Senior Director of Football Research JACQUELINE DAVIDSON
  • Black College Football Hall of Fame co-founder JAMES “SHACK” HARRIS
  • San Francisco 49ers General Manager JOHN LYNCH
  • Dallas Cowboys Vice President of Player Personnel WILL MCCLAY
  • Baltimore Ravens Executive Vice President OZZIE NEWSOME

The June 22-23 Quarterback Coaching Summit will feature sessions and panels led by NFL owners, current and former coaches, and front office personnel including:

  • Indianapolis Colts Offensive Coordinator MARCUS BRADY
  • Buffalo Bills Defensive Coordinator LESLIE FRAZIER
  • Houston Texans Offensive Coordinator PEP HAMILTON
  • Pittsburgh Steelers President and NFL Workplace Diversity Committee Chair ART ROONEY II
  • San Francisco 49ers Defensive Coordinator DEMECO RYANS

*Speakers are subject to change


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