Former Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer apologizes to city and fans


It has been four days since Urban Meyer was fired by the Jaguars on Thursday after just 13 games.

A 2-11 record in the first year can be overlooked by any owner but when a coach has a blow up with coaches and players, be out on the town with another woman at a nightclub instead of being on the team’s airplane flight back home after a road trip, the owner is going to be tired of such controversies and that is what happened this past Thursday.

In many media reports, the 57-year-old Meyer did an interview with and offered an apology to the City of Jacksonville, fans and ownwership: “I just apologize to Jacksonville. I love Jacksonville. It’s one of the reasons I took the job. I still think Shad Khan is a great owner. It’s heart-breaking. I just had a dream of it becoming a destination place with a new facility he agreed to build and some day to walk into that stadium where it’s standing room only. Because I know how bad the people of Jacksonville want it. So, I’m just heartbroken that we weren’t able to do that. I still believe it’s going to be done. It’s too good of a place.”

It is not known at this time what Meyer is going to do in the future. But he will land somewhere in college football.

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