#2 Cincinnati Bearcats holds on for 28-20 win over Tulsa Hurricane

Luke Fickell UC FTB coach (courtesy UC Athletics)
69,346 Luke Fickell UC HC On Tulsa is better than record; and UC plays this Friday at South Florida 10 6 2021.mp3
69,349 Luke Fickell UC HC Tulsa move ball all over field but his defense tough in red zone 10 6 2021.mp3
69,350 Luke Fickell UC HC On Tulsa’s uptempo offense tiring out defense like Navy and Tulane did. How combat that 11 6 2021.mp3
69,351 Luke Fickell UC HC Is RB Jerome Ford’s injury serious . He did not return after 2nd QTR 11 6 2021.mp3
69,353 Luke Fickell UC HC On UC FTB being in the National Spotlight today on ESPN’s Gameday 11 6 2021.mp3
69,355 Luke Fickell UC HC Is the hype he envisioned for the program when he took over 5 years ago 11 6 2021.mp3


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