UC QB Desmond Ridder talks to media following 56-21 win over UCF

Desmond Ridder passed for 140 yards and a touchdown as the Bearcats (6-0, 2-0 AAC) extended the nation’s second-longest home winning streak to 24 games.

69,271 Desmond Ridder UC QB Should his RB Jerome Ford belong in the Heisman Talk 10 16 2021.mp3
69,275 Desmond Ridder UC QB On his deep threat WR Alec Pierce and his diving catch in left corner of end zone 10 16 2021.mp3
69,276 Desmond Ridder UC QB Are the Bearcats put up 50 points every week to stay in the CFP talk 10 16 2021.mp3
69,277 Desmond Ridder UC QB 5 yrs ago UCF beat UC 56-14. Now it has flipped. Ridder recalls that day 10 16 2021.mp3
69,278 Desmond Ridder UC QB Throwing ball to TE Leonard Taylor more. He and Josh Whlyle are two good ones 10 16 2021.mp3



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