Dayton Athletics Ninth Annual RUDYS Awards Honors And Celebrates Student-Athletes

DAYTON – The University of Dayton Athletics Department held its ninth annual R.U.D.Y.S. awards banquet the last Monday of April at UD Arena.

The formal event is hosted by the UD Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and Dayton Athletics administration for the student-athletes to recognize individuals and teams for their accomplishments this past year.

R.U.D.Y.S. stands for Recognition and Celebration of University of Dayton Student-Athletes Year-End Showcase.

The 2021 award winners were as follows:
Social Justice Award
Winner – Araion Bradshaw (women’s basketball)
Nominees – Araion Bradshaw (women’s basketball), Alexis Goins (women’s soccer), Amari Davidson (women’s basketball), Amelia Moore (volleyball), Cam Greer (men’s basketball), Jordy Tshimanga (men’s basketball), Nolan Watson (baseball), Emma Speyer (rowing), Gabbie Johnson and Malana Johnson (track and field), Xavier Zengue (men’s soccer)

Rookie of the Year
Male – Mustapha Amzil (men’s basketball)
Nominees – Mustapha Amzil (men’s basketball), Chase Melnick (baseball), Bryce Conley (men’s cross country), Bryce Jamison (football), Conner Kelley (men’s soccer), Erik Eliasson (men’s tennis), Henry May (men’s golf), Marc Kouadio (men’s soccer)

Female – Itala Gemelli (women’s soccer)
Nominees – Itala Gemelli (women’s soccer), Addy Bullis (softball), Angelina Koch (rowing), Cici Williams (track and field), Lexie Almodovar (volleyball), Megan Ward (softball), Sarah DeMarco (women’s tennis), Sarah O’Connor (women’s golf), Tenin Magassa (women’s basketball), Zoey Chapelle (women’s cross country)

Rising Star
Male – Georgi Mavrodiev (men’s tennis)
Nominees – Georgi Mavrodiev (men’s tennis), Bryce Hellgeth (baseball), Elijah Smith (football), Elijah Weaver (men’s basketball), Jaden Jones-Riley (men’s soccer), Kyle Schmidt (men’s golf), Matthew Sollenberger (men’s cross country)

Female – Quinn Pallardy (softball)
Nominees – Quinn Pallardy (softball), Amelia Moore (volleyball), Charlotte Cunaud (women’s golf), Elizabeth Hamilton (women’s tennis), Elizabeth Myers (rowing), Hannah Lindenman (track and field), Mackenzie Lutz (women’s soccer), Makira Cook (women’s basketball), Melissa Wediner (women’s cross country)

Flyer Challenge – Women’s cross country

Unsung Hero
Male – Joe Bubonics (football)
Nominees – Joe Bubonics (football), Andrew Tighe (men’s cross country), Jayman Jhattu (men’s tennis), Mitchell Garrity (baseball), Rodney Chatman (men’s basketball), Seth Antwi (men’s soccer)

Female – Angie Loriso (rowing)
Nominees – Angie Loriso (rowing), Amari Davidson (women’s basketball), Brittany Blaschak (women’s golf), Jahmia Bridges-Butler (track and field), Maura Collins (volleyball), Morgan Henderson (women’s soccer), Olivia Lessman (softball), Natalie Stanton (women’s tennis), Reilly Madsen (women’s cross country/track and field), Taylor Robertson (track and field)

Breakthrough Performance
Male – Hunter Wolfe (baseball)
Nominees – Hunter Wolfe (baseball), Calan Gizelbach (men’s cross country), Jake Chisolm (football), Jake Feiner (men’s soccer), Zimi Nwokeji (men’s basketball), Max DeCurtins (men’s tennis)

Female – Casey Bogues (track and field)
Nominees – Casey Bogues (track and field), Bridget Doherty (volleyball), Colleen McDonnell (rowing), Emily Sreenan (women’s cross country), Erica Wojcikiewicz (women’s tennis), Jenna Giacone (women’s basketball), Kara Camarco (women’s soccer), Megan Gist (softball), Sarah Frazier (women’s golf)

Most Outstanding Leader
Male – Tyler Jones (baseball)
Nominees – Tyler Jones (baseball), Brandon Eaterling (football), Jalen Crutcher (men’s basketball), Kevin Lawson (men’s cross country), Wariebi Jituboh (men’s soccer), Will Harper (men’s tennis)

Female – Abby Bitto (women’s golf)
Nominees – Abby Bitto (women’s golf), Araion Bradshaw (women’s basketball), Briley Sidor (softball), Emma Thomas (women’s soccer), Jamie Peterson (volleyball), Kelly Pleiman (women’s tennis), Kelly Wilker (women’s cross country), Maggie Cahill (rowing), Taylor Flight (track and field)

RUDY Award, the most prestigious award of the night which goes to the people who most epitomize what it means to be a Flyer
Male – Connor Quigley (men’s golf), Jonas Fjeldberg (men’s soccer)
Nominees – Connor Quigley (men’s golf), Jonas Fjeldberg (men’s soccer), Calan Gizelbach (men’s cross country), Connor Bruce (men’s tennis), Jack Cook (football), Jordy Tshimanga (men’s basketball), Michael Cleary (baseball)

Female – Bridget Doherty (volleyball), Kelly Wilker (women’s cross country/track and field)
Nominees – Bridget Doherty (volleyball), Kelly Wilker (women’s cross country/track and field), Alex Bozich (women’s golf), Alyssa Cacini (softball), Audrey Steiert (women’s soccer), Corey Rinella (track and field), Erin Whalen (women’s basketball), Kelly Pleiman (women’s tennis), Osa Wheeler (rowing)

In addition, the 2021-2022 executive board of SAAC was announced:
President: Will Harper (men’s tennis)
Vice President: Emily Sreenan (women’s cross country/track and field)
Admin: Cameron Specht (football)
Social Media: Alyssa Cacini (softball)
RUDYS: Sarah Frazier (women’s golf), Claire Ghidotti (women’s tennis)
Flyer Challenge: Ryan Clements (men’s golf)
Wellness: Colleen McDonnell (rowing)
Community Service: Megan Gist (softball), Hannah Osland (women’s soccer)
Diversity and Inclusion: Amari Davidson (women’s basketball)
Atlantic 10 Reps: Alyssa Cacini (softball), Amari Davidson (women’s basketball)

 A special thanks to all of our Flyer seniors as well as all who made this year’s event possible, including Varsity D who provided this year’s senior canvases.