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ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Almanac for Monday, March 12, 2012, Birthdays, milestones in history


Today is Monday, March 12, 2012, the 72nd day of the year. There are 294 days remaining before 2013.


* On March 12, 1912, the Girl Scouts of America had its beginnings as Juliette Gordon Low of Savannah, Ga., founded the first American troop of the Girl Guides.

* In 1864, Ulysses S. Grant was promoted to the rank of general-in-chief of the Union armies in the Civil War by President Abraham Lincoln.

* In 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt started to deliver the first of his 30 radio “Fireside Chats, ” telling U.S. citizens what was being done to deal with the nation’s economic crisis.

* In 1947, President Harry S. Truman established what became known as the “Truman Doctrine” to help Greece and Turkey resist Communism.

* In 1951, Dennis the Menace, made its debut by cartoonist Hank Ketchum.

* In 1980, a Chicago jury found John Wayne Gacy Jr. guilty of the murders of 33 men and boys. The next day, Gary was sentenced to death and was executed in May 1994.

*Five years ago on March 12, 2007, R.E.M. and Van Halen were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.


Al Jarreau is 72 today (1996 photo by Stig Ove Voll via wikipedia commons)

79 BARBARA FELDON, actress who played Agent 99 on GET SMART

72 AL JARREAU, singer who sung We’re In This Love Together

66 LIZA MINNELLI, singer & actress and daughter of actress Judy Garland

65 MITT ROMNEY, Republican Presidential candidate

64 JAMES TAYLOR, singer-songwriter who at one time was married to singer Carly Simon

62 JON PROVOST, actor from LASSIE who portrayed Timmy Martin

55 MARLON JACKSON, one of the brothers of the Jackson 5

ENTERTAINMENT FOR FRIDAY JULY 23, 2010: Almanacs and Celebrity Birthdays

compiled from staff, wire and Entertainment news


Today is Friday, July 23, the 204th day of 2010. There are 161 days left in the year.


* On July 23, 1885, Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th president of the United States, died in Mount McGregor, New York, at age 63.

* In 1892, Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia was born.

* In 1952, Egyptian military officers led by Gamel Abdel Nasser launched a successful coup against King Farouk I.

* In 1967, a week of deadly race-related rioting that claimed 43 lives erupted in Detroit.

* In 1985, Commodore International Ltd. unveiled its Amiga 1000 personal computer during a media event at New York’s Lincoln Center.

* In 1990, Persident George H.W. Bush announced his choice of Judge David Souter of New Hampshire to succeed retiring Justice William J. Brennan on the U.S. Supreme Court.

* One year ago, July 23, 2010, Michael Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, was named in a search warrant as the target of a manslaughter probe into the singer’s death.


70 Don Imus, controversial radio personality.

67 Tommy Joe White, singer

49 Woody Harrelson, actor

45 Slash, rock guitarist of Guns-N-Roses and Velvet Revolver.

43 Philip Seymour Hoffman, actor from Charlie Wilson’s War.

37 Omar Epps, actor from TV show House and Love and Basketball movie.

37 Monica Leweinsky, infamous and controversial former White House intern.

30 Michelle Williams, R&B singer and Broadway actress.

21 Daniel Radcliffe, actor from the Harry Potter films.