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Raiders sign Pryor to 4-year contract


Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor, who’s college career ended up being a disgrace and overshadowed all the good he achieved in three years, signed a four-year contract with Oakland Raiders.

Terrelle Pryor (courtesy of OSU athletics)

The contract was signed just three days after being selected the NFL’s supplemental draft in the third round.

Pryor has been practicing with the Raiders but has not played in any games as of yet.

The Raiders would not let Pryor wear #2 his college number, he is wearing #6 instead.

Info compiled from Oakland Raiders news

Raiders take Pryor in third round of supplemental draft


Terrelle Pryor at his Pro Day (courtesy of 247 Sports

There are several good things that are on Terrelle Pryor’s side by being drafted in the third round of Monday’s NFL supplemental draft by the Oakland Raiders.

He was drafted by a team known to turn troubled players into stars; the team has spent a decade looking for a franchise quarterback and former Ohio State teammate Chimdi Chekwa was drafted by the Raiders in the fourth round of the regular 2011 NFL draft. That might help with the transition of having someone else on the team that he knows.

Raiders personnel say that Pryor’s speed is what owner Al Davis fell in love with. Pryor has always been known for speed, size, his 6’5, 232-pound frame but his ability to be an NFL quarterback as been a question since his freshman year at Ohio State.

Currently, Jason Campbell is the starter for the Raiders and all he has on Pryor is experience, but not the talent.

Pryor can expect a nice pay check, but not like he would’ve had if he’d been drafted in the regular NFL draft.

ESPN and sports talks show have reported that Pryor is going to be offered a four-year deal around $2.36 million, which includes a $591,000 signing bonus.


Info compiled from NFL, Oakland Raiders, Radio & TV news

Pryor does well at pro day; willing to play any position in NFL


Terrelle Pryor at NFL workout. (photo courtesy of 247 Sports

Terrelle Pryor had his NFL workout day on Saturday at a high school in Hempfield, Pennsylvania.

There were 17 teams that attended the pro day and the former Ohio State quarterback was timed by one scout as fast as 4.38 seconds in the 40-yard dash and a vertical leap of 31 inches.

Also, Pryor says that he will not appeal the five-game suspension that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says that he would serve as if he were still at Ohio State due to the violations any position  of NCAA rules. And Pryor is willing to play his new team wants him to.

The NFL Supplement Draft is on Monday.


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