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ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Saturday January 8, 2011 Almanac & Celebrity Birthdays


Saturday, January 8, the eighth day of of 2011. 357 days remain in the year.


* In 1815, U.S. forces led by General Andrew Jackson defeated the British in the Battle of New Orleans, the closing engagement of the War of 1812.

* In 1918, President Woodrow Wilson outlined his “Fourteen Points” for lasting peace after World War I.

* In 1935, rock ‘n’ roll legend and movie star Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi.

* In 1959, Charles de Gaulle was inaugurated as president of France’s Fifth Republic.

* In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared a “War on Poverty” in his State of the Union address.


Singer Shirley Bassey turned 74 on January 8. (photo by Nyctc7 via wikipedia commons)


74 SHIRLEY BASSEY, singer in James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever

65 ROBBY KRIEGER, rock musician of the group, The Doors

64 DAVID BOWIE, rock singer

44 R. KELLY, controversial R&B singer

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: “Honey West” star Anne Francis dies at 80

Anne Francis, who played in the 1950′s science fiction classic Forbidden Planet and later as the sexy private eye, Honey West, died Sunday in Santa Barbara, California at age 80.

Her daughter, Jane Uemura told media outlets that her mom died of complications from pancreatic cancer.

Francis had a career in radio, television and Broadway as a child before being cast in movies.

Later on in life, Anne returned to television and appeared in dozens of series: MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E., The Fugitive, My Three Sons, Dallas, Matlock, Golden Girls, Murder, She Wrote and as recent as 2004, Without a Trace.

The character of Honey West, came from the ABC-TV show, Burke’s Law. Both shows were produced by the ultra-successful creator, director and producer Aaron Spelling.

Honey West, which ran from 1965-1966, found Francis playing a sexy James Bond-type character which had a pet ocelot. An ocelot is a South American dwarfed-size leopard/jaguar.

Clipart of female detective & woman courtesy of OCAL courtesy of

ENTERTAINMENT FOR WEDNESDAY AUGUST 25, 2010: Almanacs & Celebrity Birthdays


Today is Wednesday, August 25, the 237th day of 2010. There are 128 days left in the year.


* On August 25, 2009, Senator Edward M. Kennedy died at age 77 in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, after a battle with a brain tumor. He was instrumental in the Democratic Party’s backing of Barack Obama to become president.

* In 1916, the National Park Service was establish within the Department of the Interior.

* In 1921, the United States and Germany signed a peace treaty.

* In 1943, U.S. forces liberated New Georgia in the Solomon Islands from the Japanese during World War II.

* In 1944, Paris was liberated by Allied forces after four years of Nazi occupation.

* In 1958, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a measure providing pensions for former U.S. presidents and their widows.


Sir Sean Connery turns 80 today (wfe cc photo)

80 Sean Connery, actor from the James Bond Movies; the original James Bond.

77 Tom Skerritt, actor.

77 Wayne Shorter, jazz musician.

61 Gene Simmons, rock singer of the group Kiss and soul mate of actress Shannon Tweed.

56 Elvis Costello, british rock singer.

52 Tim Burton, movie director.

49 Billy Ray Cyrus, country singer and father of Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus.

42 Rachael Ray, TV chef and host.

40 Jo Dee Messina, country singer.

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS FOR THURSDAY August 19, 2010: Almanac & Celebrity Birthdays


Today is Thursday August 19, the 231st day of 2010. There are 134 days left in the year.


* On August 19, 1812, the USS Constitution defeated the British frigate Guerriere off of Nova Scotia during the War of 1812.

* In 1942, during World War II, about 6,000 Canadian and British soldiers launched a disastrous raid against the Germans at Dieppe, France. They suffered more than 50 percent in casualties.

* In 1976, President Gerald R. Ford won the Republican presidential nomination at the party’s convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

* In 1991, a group of Soviet hard-liners annonced to a shocked world that President Mikhail S. Gorbachev had been removed from power. The coup attempt failed two days later.


Kirk Herbstreit is 41 today (courtesy of Ohio State athletics)

70 Johnny Nash, singer.

70 Jill St. John, actress from Batman and James Bond movies.

64 Bill Clinton, former president.

62 Tipper Gore, wife of former Vice President Al Gore.

47 John Stamos, actor from General Hospital, Full House And Charmed.

45 Kyra Sedgwick, actress from The Closer and wife of Kevin Bacon.

45 Kevin Dillon, actor.

41 Kirk Herbstreit, former Ohio State QB and ESPN football analyst and WBNS Radio sports talk host.