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TCU Postgame Quotes with head coach Gary Patterson



Gary Patterson TCU head football coach 2007 photo By MaroonFrog - Own work, Public Domain, https

TCU Quotes Coach Gary Patterson Ohio State vs. TCU Saturday, September 15, 2018 AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas


Q. Coach, your thoughts about tonight’s game. COACH PATTERSON: Well, I told them before the ball game that usually in yearly games, big games, you lose them more than you win them. And so when you can’t — you can’t give them 21 points. But, defensively, we had to turn up the knob late. We didn’t make a couple of adjustments. One touchdown was my fault. But outside of that, I thought our team played a really good football game. Ohio State is a good football game. You got to give them a lot of credit. On to Texas.

MODERATOR: Okay. We’ll take questions for Coach here. Put your hand up, and we’ll get the microphone to you. Q. What did you think of Shawn [Robinson]‘s night? Obviously, he had that pick, but it seemed like he responded and showed some resiliency. COACH PATTERSON: Yeah, I thought — a couple times I told him, “You need to run.” They slanted everybody across and there was nobody on the third down. [Kavontae] Turpin dropped it. He could have ran for the first down. You got to make judgments. But, as a general rule, in this kind of environment, what he’s doing, how he’s doing, I thought, you know, we had a shovel pass called. That was really probably our fault. Ben did a great job. He stepped forward, stepped back, picked it. They had worked on it. But, you know, as far as just looking at everything else, I mean, I thought he handled things really well. I think he’s a good football player, if that’s what you’re asking.

Q. You talked about the turnovers which led to points there. What do you say to your team, and then, as you get ready for Texas, how do you correct it? COACH PATTERSON: Well, I told them it was a three-week season starting with Ohio State, then you have Texas and Iowa State. Even in pregame, I told them from the beginning, you can’t be yourself start of the week, end. I’m not going to take you over the hill here for one ballgame. But our kids played hard. But we got to get up in the morning and we got to ready for Texas. And you got to be there at 3:30 and get ready to go play, start a Big 12 play. And so, you know, it’s — I told them I was proud of them. I mean, they fought. We made mistakes. We got 37 new guys on this team, young guys, new guys, transfers. And I thought — I thought they fought their tails off. We need to make a couple adjustments. We need to make a couple more plays. But, outside of that, you know, we looked at the rush and let the punt go over our head, out of our hands. You can’t do that. We’ve done that twice now. You can’t look at the rush. You got to get the ball off. And so you got to correct — you got to make plays you’re supposed to make. That’s what their jobs are. And our job is to make adjustments, make sure we get the right calls. Like I sad, one of the calls they had on a fade going the other — far end, they came out an empty set, and we needed to roll over the top, and they forced us to safety, made a missed adjustment because we hadn’t worked on it. So we didn’t have a guy in the middle of the field. So that’s our fault. So, outside of that, though, they ran the ball on the one drive. They scored. And we were getting the shove but the linebackers weren’t getting moved over the way they should have. We had the right call, but they weren’t communicating to get over. And so, outside of that, you know, it’s a learning experience. Garret Wallow is just going to keep getting better, made some plays. And that was kind of — kind of the younger group that was in there.

Q. You said earlier in the week that you — you play these games to find out where your team is. You used the word “benchmark.” What did you find out — COACH PATTERSON: Well, I don’t know. What did you think?

Q. What did you think? COACH PATTERSON: No, I’m more interested in what you — first of all, I’d like to ask you what did you think? Did you think we were a good football team? Here’s what I thought: I thought we didn’t allow them a touchdown in the first half defensively. And then they turned up the knob and we had to do better. Offensively, when we went in tempo, they really struggled with it. So when we could go fast, we did a good job of doing that. And you got to make plays. You know, it’s kind of like Taye Barber. He dropped — he had a ball knocked out of his hands early. Then he came back and he caught a — and he’s a red-shirt freshman — true freshman. Excuse me. Catches a ball, runs a hit screen, and goes for 12 yards. He’s got to catch the ball, he’s got to grow up, and then also patted him on the butt and said, “That’s what I’m talking about.” You know, it’s going to be evolving. If this team can stay healthy, we’re going to be a really good football team by the end of the year. But we got to win early. It’s a three-game season. Now it’s the second game, going into Texas. For me, I was excited about it. When I say that I was happy with them, I wasn’t happy that we got beat. Okay? And anybody that knows me knows that that’s not where we’re at here. We came into this ball game to win. We didn’t come in here to play well. Okay? But the key was you can’t — you also can’t get upset about when you give them things. And we gave them — we gave them 21 points. And defense, we probably gave them 1. And one of them was my fault. So you take 21 points away and you — because they really didn’t do that to themselves. We did it to ourselves. So you — you got to be careful how you do that. But, I mean, I think, talking to their coaches coming off the field, we have a really good football team. I think they play a lot of people. I trust their judgment. I’m not talk about their assistant; I’m talking about their coordinators and their head coach. But I think they have a very good football team. And I think we had a speed advantage. We needed to keep using it. I was upset because we had a touchdown and we told them not to throw it forward. And he wasn’t supposed to lay down in the end zone before we started the kick-off, for heaven’s sakes. But they still didn’t see it. Their coaches finally saw it. We threw it backwards. That’s another 7 points. And so, you know, you can’t beat yourself. Just plain and simple, you can’t beat yourself.

Q. Darius Anderson has 154 rushing yards and two touchdowns tonight. Is he finally fully healthy?

COACH PATTERSON: Yeah, he hadn’t really through the end of fall and then he was not, really, in spring. And he really went through two-a-days. I don’t think he’s fully healthy yet, no, but I think he’s a lot farther along. He’s one of those guys, the more he carries it, the better he gets. You know, we really got to get Emari [Demercado] in the ballgame too. He’s the third back that really is a good player. Sewo [Olonilua], I thought, had some tough runs. But I think, you know, our offensive line, everybody thought whether — because we had four guys make the NFL squads. How these guys will be, I think Chris Thomsen has done a great job. That’s a good defensive front. They had a couple sacks. One was a touchdown. I mean, they caused a touchdown on a fumble. But, as a general rule, I thought they did a nice job with the run game, being physical against that group. I also thought they did a pretty good job of protection. So I’ve been saying when I came out of spring ball — out of fall ball, I told you guys that the offensive line was one of our surprises. I thought they were going to play better. You know, because they blocked Ben Banogu and L.J. Collier and those guys. We’ve got some guys that are pretty good players too. And so I think you got to realize — you got to realize it’s a — you can’t make mistakes and win ballgames like that, not against good football teams. Because here’s the thing that happens, then you lose momentum. When you lose momentum, then your kids get — you’ve got to — that’s what I was telling them starting the fourth quarter: This game is not over with yet. You’re still learning. Body language, you’ve got seniors, freshman, it doesn’t matter. Coaches, it doesn’t matter. You know, some days you — like, last year, we had an older group. You could drive them. This one, you need to teach them. Okay? Every game is going to be a different moment. And we’re going to find a way to win. And we need to learn how to get better. And we need to learn how to teach the guys to grow up and get going and going in the right direction. That’s what our job is. Do I think we’re one of the better football teams in college football? I think we are. But how good can we be? Because if you don’t play well next week because you were too high this week — which I tried not to get them to be that way — then I think you’ve got a chance. But, like I told them in the locker room, you got to practice on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Older teams know how to do that. Younger teams will go Tuesday, then, ah, I don’t know — that was — I don’t know if I can do it two times in a row. And then maybe I’ll turn it up a little bit on Thursday. You got to learn how to practice. You got to keep learning how to practice. And so I’m proud of the group. I think they’re good guys. They’re going to be — I promise you, the two guys that are coming in here are going to be harder on themselves than I could be or you could be. And so — with Shawn and Banogu, I promise you. So, for us, you’ve got to give again — I think you got to give Ohio State a lot of credit in the whole situation because I think they did a great job of capitalizing that they made plays when they needed to on defense, and we’ve got to tackle them. We’ve got to tackle them.

Q. When y’all went up-tempo, you were causing them some problems. COACH PATTERSON: Yep.

Q. But then you didn’t stay with it. COACH PATTERSON: We came back. You know, it’s — well, number one, you have to get first downs to keep up-tempo. And you can’t — you can’t turn the ball over and keep up-tempo. But, I mean, I’m looking at the deal here. And, I mean, they only were 4 of 12 on third downs. They were averaging 73% on third downs. Our kids were — we were almost 50%, 7 of 15. So we did a good job, really. Again, I’ll just come back to it: You can’t give them points. 21 points is a lot of points. You got to give them credit for getting the points and making the deals, but you can’t — you can’t give good football teams points. I mean, I don’t — if anybody here wasn’t — they didn’t think it was a good football game, then you probably should just start watching some other sport. (Laughter.) Because I thought it was a really good football team, both — ballgame. Excuse me.

Q. Gary, obviously, Shawn Robinson — still a young quarterback — battled out there against a good football team, top 5 team in the country. What do you want him to take away from this experience? What do you want him to learn from this experience? COACH PATTERSON: Well, the best thing that I saw, sometimes young players, they get glazed over. When things bad happen to them, their eyes glaze over. And they’re like — they don’t know — that never happened to Shawn [Robinson]. There’s things that happened to him today that he’s not going to make the same mistake again, I promise you. Both of his parents are coaches. They’re both really good coaches. One’s a women’s basketball coach, and his dad is a football coach. He comes from one of those kind of families. All he’s got to do is learn. He’s one of though guys that, even when he talks to you guys, when he comes out of the media, he talks to Mark, the S.I.D. here, and he says “What could I say better?” He’s one of those guys that just wants to get better. Anytime you got a “we” player on your team, a guy that’s a “we,” he doesn’t care about “I,” he doesn’t care about completions, touchdowns, he just cares about winning, then you’re going to have an opportunity later on for us to be a really good football team, not just this year, but going forward. So I’m excited about — I’m excited about him. And I really right behind him. He didn’t get in the ballgame, but it’s one of those where I thought he just — I promise you we’re not going to be very happy once we watch the film, and I’m not talking from a match standpoint. It’s like, now, what did we do that for?

Q. You know, like you mentioned, it was 21 gifted points, it was a couple plays going different directions. You know, you have a lot of young of players on this team and a lot of young players that made some big plays. Do you think this is an opportunity to build confidence, and what do you want them to take away from this? COACH PATTERSON: Yeah, I would hope so. I don’t think they realize — I mean, that’s — that’s a really good football team that you just played. But, you know, I think they’re going to walk away saying we’ve got some things we’ve got to fix also when they play somebody like us. And so what you have to do is you can’t let one mistake turn into two. You got to get ready to play against Texas, then you’ve got to get ready to play against Iowa State that I thought gave Oklahoma all they wanted today. I didn’t see what the Texas score was, but, I mean, we’ve got to get ready to go.

Q. Coach, if you’re — if you could win the Big 12 championship and they start looking at the final four teams here and they look at this game, what would you want people to say about it? COACH PATTERSON: Number one, I would — because I heard the other day somebody say, well, Washington lost to Auburn, right? First game of the season. Didn’t they play them in one of the classics? And they said that they shouldn’t hold it against Washington because they played a really good football team. To me, we just got beaten by the number 3 or 4 ranked team in the nation. And so if you could win out, then I think you’d be one of those teams that should give TCU just as much credit for playing a ballgame like this as anybody else you should. And so — but, first, we’ve got to do that. And we’ve got a lot of good people we’ve got to play before we get to that point. So, right now, I won’t worry about that. If we can get to the 1st of December, we can have that conversation. But, right now, it’s Texas.



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