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MLB, Latin American Trainers announce partnership to combat use of performancing enhancing drugs by amateur players



The Office of the Commissioner announced on recently the Trainer Partnership Program, a new program in collaboration with Latin American player trainers aimed at combatting the use of performance-enhancing substances by amateur players and improving compliance with Major League Baseball rules.

Under the new initiative, participating trainers will enroll their players in MLB’s drug testing program, submit themselves and their employees to background checks, keep updated records of amateur players in their care, and comply with MLB rules regarding international player signings. MLB will provide partner trainers with enhanced scouting opportunities and promote the use of partner trainers to players and their families. MLB also will work closely with partner trainers to jointly address issues in Latin American amateur baseball.

The program is voluntary and will begin with pilot programs in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. Already, 46 trainers – all of whom came highly recommended by MLB Clubs — have agreed to participate in the pilot programs. Attached is a list of partner trainers who have committed to the Trainer Partnership Program from each country. MLB plans to expand the opportunity to additional trainers in both countries in the coming months.

Drug testing for the Trainer Partnership Program began this week and MLB will be holding its first showcase as part of the Trainer Partnership Program on September 18-20 at Temistocles Metz Stadium in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic. Only players from participating programs will be eligible to participate in this event and representatives from all MLB Clubs are expected to attend. MLB is planning a similar event for Venezuelan partner trainers in the coming months.

Morgan Sword, MLB’s Senior Vice President, League Economics & Operations, said: “This new partnership program is an important step forward for our industry and fully supported by our Clubs and the international scouting directors. Independent trainers are an essential part of the player development system and we look forward to working with our partner trainers who are fully committed to developing their players in a safe and healthy environment.”

Trainer | Program | Location
Arias, Alfredo | Arias Baseball Academy | San Pedro de Macoris
Batista, Amauris | Chapita Academy | Santiago
Carmona, John | JC Academy | Santo Domingo East
Encarnacion, Richard | Encarnacion Development System | Santo Domingo East
Espinal, Freddy | Quality Baseball Academy | Santo Domingo East
Ferreras, Franklin | Franklin Ferreras Academy | Santo Domingo North
Fontana, Eddy | J&E Academy | Santiago
Garcia, Fausto | Fausto Garcia Academy | Santiago
Genao, Laurentino | LGS Academy | Santo Domingo North
Genao, Ramon | Papiro All-Star | Santo Domingo East
Guerrero, Wilton | Los Guerreros Academy | Nizao
Guzman, Carlos | CG Academy | Boca Chica
Herrera, Josue | HPP Academy | Santo Domingo East
Herrera, Juan (Mon) | D’Mon Baseball Academy | Bani
Irrizarry, Christian | API Academy | Santo Domingo East
Lezan, Pedro | Bartolo Colon Academy | Puerto Plata
Marrero, Aldo | Aldo Marrero Academy | Santiago
Monero, Valentin | Rinocerontes de Valentin Monero | Boca Chica
Nina, Amauris | Amauris Nina Academy | Santo Domingo East
Pena, Nolan | Nogae Baseball Academy | San Pedro de Macoris
Perez, Angel | Angel Perez Academy | San Pedro de Macoris
Ramos, Jaime | Jaime Ramos Academy | San Cristobal
Rodriguez, Francisco Javier | Alianza Academy | Santo Domingo East
Valdez, William | WV Academy | Santiago
Valera, Raul (Banana) | Banana Baseball Academy | Santo Domingo West
Trainer | Program | Location
Bernal, Renny | Magallanes | Valencia
Blassini, Jose | Hermanos Blassini | Valencia
Concepcion Jr., David | Academia David Concepcion | Cagua
De Pablos, Kander | KPL Baseball Academy | Valencia
Gomez, Prospero | PDW | La Guaira
Grasso, Victor | Prospectos Elite | Maracaibo
Guillen, Carlos | Carlos Alfonso Guillen | Maracay
Hernandez, Ramon | RH | Maracay
Izturis, Cesar | Academia de Besbol Maicer y Cesar Izturis | Barquisimeto
Mendez, Guido | Occidental Deportiva | Maracaibo
Mendez, Yassir | 4Pro International Baseball Academy | Valencia
Moscatel, Kevin | Caribes Top Prospect | Puerto La Cruz
Ocanto, Johan | Academia ABAR | Caracas
Olivo, Carlos | OL Baseball | Valencia
Ortiz, Francisco | Just Prospect | Puerto La Cruz
Perez, Robert | Academia Robert Perez | Barquisimeto
Quiroz, Alexis | AQ | Maracay
Salazar, Alexis | BC All Star Academy | Barquisimeto
Suarez, Denni | DS Baseball | Puerto La Cruz
Vahlis, Roberto | Academia Roberto Vahlis | Margarita
Veliz, Andres | Bucaneros | Maracay