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OSU backup QB Tate Martell showing he belongs in the mix going 10-10 for 21 yards and 1 TD; press conference transcript



Tate Martell is showing that the OSU offense is in capable hands when he is in the game (photo by Stuart Mason)


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Tate Martell.

Q. Tate, I guess, first of all, how did it feel to be finally out in the stadium and show people what you can do with that long touchdown run and that long ball to Terry?
TATE MARTELL: I’ve been waiting for quite some time now ever since, I think, really the end of my senior year, after redshirting last year, it was just fun getting out there.

Q. What’s your understanding, I guess, of your role right now? Obviously you play when the game is out of hand in in the second half, but they also get you in in the first half with the first teamers. Are you like — is this a package? Are you part of the plan, or are you just getting in when the game’s a little out of hand?
TATE MARTELL: I feel Coach Day is going to put me in the best situation when I go out there. And whenever that is, that’s really up to him. I feel they know how to use me and whatever they do is what they do.

Q. How much do you feel like today shows that you and Dwayne can complement each other with the way you’re able to run the ball in addition to how you both threw the ball?
TATE MARTELL: I just want to go out there and just play. That’s just how I go out there. I’ve improved a ton as a passer. And I want to be able to go out there and show that, and I just went out there and made plays with my legs when I had to. And obviously Dwayne is our starter. That’s how it is. And I’ll be there if something goes wrong. Whatever, whatever goes on with the coaches, whatever they want to do.

Q. Fourth quarter, how did you bounce back from that, able to come up so quickly and score a touchdown?
TATE MARTELL: When I took the shot — I wasn’t really ready for it, obviously. And then I got knocked on my back. And I started getting over, and I started like kind of crawling because I couldn’t breathe, but I knew I wanted to get back up.

As soon as I could breathe, I was like, all right, let me up, I got to go back over there, make plays. So that’s what happened.

Q. Did you think that was a cheap shot?
TATE MARTELL: He saw me going out of bounds. But I just wanted to make sure I got back up, was able to go play.

Q. Can you give us an honest assessment, personal assessment of where you are as a passer in your mind?
TATE MARTELL: I mean, I guess I just gotta go see after watching this game. That was the first time I really got to go out there and throw the ball and throw in rhythm. I know what I’m doing when I’m out there, which is a huge difference than what it was last year, when I was going out, like in practice, I was kind of second-guessing myself, where this year I know exactly what I’m doing. I know protection and stuff like that, and just a whole different ballgame now. I mean for me at least.

Q. Tate, on the long ball, you could have easily run for the first down. Did you kind of give him a glimpse and say I could get it there?
TATE MARTELL: So on that play, I knew — I kind of saw Terry running with him. Then I saw him get a little separation. And that was my only play so I could go — kind of like pressed up a little bit. And he was running past him. But I felt the rush was coming behind, so I had to step up kind of fast and I just knew I was letting it fly.

Q. What did that do for your confidence swag as a Buckeye quarterback?
TATE MARTELL: It was cool going out there with the 1s and getting my first college touchdown. It was really cool.

Q. Tate, how much was that touchdown run, though, a little bit of a feeling of touché for what happened on the sidelines a few plays earlier? Do you ever have those kind of thoughts in your mind?
TATE MARTELL: It wasn’t going through my head when I was running the ball. I was just going out there and playing.

Q. Did you think of touché?
TATE MARTELL: I’m just going out there and playing, to be honest. I’m just happy to be out there finally and going out there and getting back on the field.

Q. What would you rather do, score throwing the ball or running?
TATE MARTELL: Definitely passing the ball.

Q. Which one felt better today?
TATE MARTELL: Passing the ball to Terry.