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Fired Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith goes public to defend himself; says AD knew of 2015 incident

Ever since the story broke about former Ohio State assistant football coach Zach Smith alledgedly hitting his wife multiple times, everybody has weighed-in on the topic.

Reporters are saying he is an abuser, he is a liar and Courtney Smith, his ex-wife, is telling the truth. Well, public opinion is not going to matter anyway cause Ohio State University has put together a committee to sort it all out, truth from fiction.

Zach Smith (courtesy OSU)

In a Friday radio interview, Coach Smith gave his side of the story about the allegations. He denied ever abusing his then-wife, and that athletic director Gene Smith was very much aware of an alleged incident in 2015. ”I’ve never committed domestic abuse against her,” Smith said during the radio interview.

Coach Smith said that Gene Smith pulled him off the road during a recruiting trip after the 2015 allegations were brought to his attention.

Coach Smith admitted during the interview, “Gene Smith said I have to immediately be on the next plane back.”

Coach Smith was fired in July after allegations of harrassment, stalking and trespassing were made by Courtney Smith as part of a protective court order she was granted. Mrs. Smith has come out in interviews this week that Coach Smith had abused her on multiple occasions.

Coach Smith said on the air that he was fired due to a “media uproar” after his ex-wife went public.

“It’s a move they had to make,” Coach Smith said. “I don’t think that I deserved it, but it wasn’t wrong.”

Those public revelations led Ohio State University to put head football coach Urban Meyer on paid administrative leave earlier this week so an independent group can investigate how Meyer, Gene Smith and others handled the entire situation concerning Coach Smith.

Eventhough Meyer fired Coach Smith, the former Wide receivers/Recruiting Coordinator doesn’t feel his former boss should be fired.

“If it happens, it’d be dead wrong,” Smith said. “If he loses his job, it’s flat wrong. This is the guy who fired me. It would be a crime.”

Coach Smith is the grandson of former Ohio State Football Coach, Earle Bruce, who passed away during the past offseason.