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2018 NHL Stadium Series Postgame comments from Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock


Mike Babcock 2013 photo by Tom Gromak derivative work Connormah via wikipedia commons


2018 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series: Capitals vs Maple Leafs
Saturday, March 3, 2018
Capitals - 5, Maple Leafs - 2

An Interview with:
Coach Mike Babcock

MODERATOR: We’re joined by Mike Babcock.

Q. You obviously expected a better start tonight on a stage like this. What happened as it went down in your eyes?
COACH BABCOCK: They were good. They got on us. I didn’t think we executed at all like we were going through — we didn’t have very many good plays. And it’s unfortunate in life, you only get so many opportunities and a lot of these are real positive memories. You’ve got to be prepared and willing to play hard.

And way better memories and opportunities when you win. When you don’t, you don’t play well in particular, it’s unfortunate. Like I say, you don’t get many opportunities when you get on.

Q. On a big stage like this when you see a night that Ovechkin and Backstrom have is this a night you really miss Matthews?
COACH BABCOCK: Sure, saying all that, we knew who we were playing. We just played them last year in the playoffs. We knew it was a big night.

They look at us, they still think we’re kids and looked like we were kids here tonight. I thought they smacked us around and forechecked us. I didn’t think we executed at all. I didn’t think we played fast. You’ve got to give them credit. I thought they did a good job.

Any way you look at the game, at the end, we’re working and all that. But at the start they were just at a different level than we were.

Q. Can you talk about moving on to Buffalo and what the rest of the month is going to bring to the team?
COACH BABCOCK: Obviously we’ve got to regroup. We’ll be practicing tomorrow and then the work we didn’t put in today we’ll be putting in tomorrow and get back on track here.

The league’s tough every night, every team you play and we go to Buffalo, go have a whole bunch of people that are battling for their life, for their livelihood.

And they’re going to play that hard. And you’ve got to play that hard — I was disappointed tonight. We normally play real hard and normally look organized, good structure. I didn’t think we were. I thought Trotz had his team more ready than I did.

Q. When it got to be 3-1, you cut it to 3-2 with a quick goal. What happened after that?
COACH BABCOCK: We turned the puck over. I think they had a 2 on 0 or something I think on that turnover. So we’re obviously, those lessons gotta be learned and you can’t turn the puck over in the National Hockey League. Maybe you can get away with it in other leagues, but in the National Hockey League you can’t. We crawled our way back. We just made it a game. And now we took the momentum right out of our side. So obviously it wasn’t a good decision at their blue line, and at the end it ended up in their net.

Q. What did you see from Andersen? What went into your decision to change goalies?
COACH BABCOCK: Just, I mean, it was going in. And I didn’t want to leave him in there and have a bunch more go in. So he’s our guy. He’s our starter. We’ve got to look after him the best we can. Mac got an opportunity. I thought Mac played good for us, gave us a chance to crawl back. We didn’t do that but he gave us that chance.

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