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NFL 2017 Playoff Scenarios for Week 16

(photo by Christiana Santiago)




CLINCHED: New England – AFC East division title

Pittsburgh – AFC North division title

Jacksonville – Playoff berth


NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (11-3) (vs. Buffalo (8-6), Sunday)

New England clinches home-field advantage throughout AFC playoffs with:

1)  NE win + PIT loss + JAX loss or tie


New England clinches a first-round bye with:

1)  NE win + PIT loss   OR

2)  NE win + JAX loss or tie   OR

3)  NE tie + JAX loss


PITTSBURGH STEELERS (11-3) (at Houston (4-10), Monday)

Pittsburgh clinches a first-round bye with:

1) PIT win + JAX loss or tie  OR

2) PIT tie + JAX loss

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (10-4) (at San Francisco (4-10), Sunday)

Jacksonville clinches AFC South division title with:

1)    JAX win or tie  OR

2)    TEN loss or tie



KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (8-6) (vs. Miami (6-8), Sunday)

Kansas City clinches AFC West division title with:

1)  KC win  OR

2)  LAC loss  OR

3)    KC tie + LAC tie

TENNESSEE TITANS (8-6) (vs. Los Angeles Rams (10-4), Sunday)

Tennessee clinches a playoff berth with:

1)  TEN win + BAL loss + BUF loss


CLINCHED: Philadelphia – NFC East division title and first-round bye

Minnesota – NFC North division title


PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (12-2) (vs. Oakland (6-8), Monday night)

Philadelphia clinches home-field advantage throughout NFC playoffs with:

1) PHI win  OR

2) MIN loss  OR

3) PHI tie + MIN tie

MINNESOTA VIKINGS (11-3) (at Green Bay (7-7), Saturday night)


Minnesota clinches a first-round bye with:


1)  MIN win + CAR loss or tie  OR

2)  MIN tie + CAR loss + NO loss or tie + LAR loss or tie


LOS ANGELES RAMS (10-4) (at Tennessee (8-6), Sunday)

Los Angeles Rams clinch NFC West division title with:

1) LAR win or tie  OR

2) SEA loss or tie


Los Angeles Rams clinch a playoff berth with:

1)  DET loss or tie + CAR loss + ATL loss


NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (10-4) (vs. Atlanta (9-5), Sunday)

New Orleans clinches NFC South division title with:

1)  NO win + CAR loss


New Orleans clinches a playoff berth with:

1)  NO win or tie  OR

2)  DAL-SEA tie


CAROLINA PANTHERS (10-4) (vs. Tampa Bay (4-10), Sunday)

Carolina clinches a playoff berth with:

1)  CAR win or tie  OR

2)  DAL-SEA tie


ATLANTA FALCONS (9-5) (at New Orleans (10-4), Sunday)

Atlanta clinches a playoff berth with:

1)  ATL win  OR

2)  ATL tie + DAL-SEA tie + DET loss or tie