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LeBron James takes his sideshow and entourage to Miami

compiled from staff and wire reports with commentary

First of all, I never understood why LeBron James was called King James. He has never really lived up to that billing. I was in several press conferences after Cavs games and members of the media called him “King.” He never did because he is and never will be my “highness”.

Secondly, LeBron says that he couldn’t win with Mo Williams, Delonte West and Antawn Jamison. Well he, told the Cavs to go out and get Williams and West. Plus, he had a choice between Jamison and Amare Stoudemire and he picked Jamison, who he said when the trade was announced, “fits our style more”.

LeBron James (nba)

Third, it was James who criticized head coach Mike Brown for his player rotation in the playoffs by not playing J.J. Hickson, Anderson Varejao, Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Booby Gibson more. Thus, Mike Brown is on the unemployment line. And I was told by several people who cover the club more often I do, that he was also critical of former GM Danny Ferry.

Fourth, by not meeting with Michigan State coach Tom Izzo should be that LeBron had no intention of coming back. I deal with Izzo from a media standpoint on teleconferences and phone interviews, at OSU-MSU games and the Big Ten tournament and he is a very nice and decent man, human being and should not have been snubbed by the self-proclaimed King.

I feel that the only mistake that Cavs owner Dan Gilbert made was catering to LeBron James. I don’t think any one player should have a say in player personnel matters. But if he does, “man-up” and admit you criticized and helped make player selections and admit you own play was less than stellar.

Several members of the media have told me over the years that the Cavs did everything possible to please LeBron. They moved the team’s practice facility 20 minutes closer to his Akron home; his management team was able to fly and travel with the team. no other player received this treatment but him.

So, LeBron on his self-righteous ESPN 1-hour special announces that he’s going to play in Miami with Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade to win an NBA championship.

He talked as if they’ve already have won it. Winning and talking are two different things and it takes 100 games to get the NBA’s final game, that is if every series goes to a 7th game.

James said that all three will be taking less money to win a title.

The Heat’s roster will have 11 players making at least the NBA minimum of $1 million a year.

James will have a five-year, $96 million contract as an outside free agent.

Cavs point guard Mo Williams, who has played the last two of his seven-year career in Cleveland alongside LeBron responded to the news with congratulations but then took two hours to think it through. He disagreed with how James handled the revelation on national TV, telling the entire nation and world he was leaving Cleveland.

Williams believes that the Cavaliers will be good next year and the person he feels sorry for the most in the entire situation is former head coach Mike Brown who was fired after the second round playoff elimination by the Celtics.

With James now a former Cavs player, the franchise must move forward.

The team still have options available through trades and there have been talk of re-signing Shaquille O’Neal and Zydrunas Ilgauskas to share the center position.

The Cavs still have some pieces but most of the top tier free agents have signed but Cavs owner Dan Gilbert says they had a plan all along but won’t reveal it.

One thing is for sure, Quicken Loans Arena will not have the electricity that it once did but the Cavs have to find another star player to lead the way. He is out there, they just have to find him.

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