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Urban Meyer talks Ohio State football off-season preparations

Press release courtesy of Ohio State athletics


The Ohio State football team starts spring practice today, Wednesday, March 28 at 4 p.m.

It’s the first of 15 practices which includes the annual Spring Game which occurs on Saturday, April 21 at Ohio Stadium at 1:30 p.m.

The Buckeyes will also practice this Friday, March 30 and Saturday, March 31.

Coach Meyer gives an update on the status of the team heading into Spring practice.



Winter conditioning: “We take great pride in our off-season program. In
our very strong opinion, championships are won in the off-season. I would
grade ourselves as a plus. We had a very good off-season. The team looks a
lot different to me, especially the offensive line. I was very
disappointed in some body types that were here, and a lot of those bodies
have changed.”

Urban Meyer ( photo)

Surprising position: “Probably the position I’m most excited about right
now is the tight ends. We have three good-looking guys. We’d go out and
recruit those guys any day of the week. We’re not known as a
fullback/tight end offense but you are going to see some formations [with
these players involved]. We have to get our best 11 on the field and if
they are our best 11, than there are creative ways we can get those guys

Spring priorities: “I made it clear to the players that by the time we hit
training camp [in the fall] spots are done. It’s game over. We’re trying
to beat Miami of Ohio. Sure, some things will happen to the depth chart,
but the two-deep will be set after spring practice. This is development
time now. Once you get to August, we’re all about trying to find a way to
win a game.”

Key traits of a first-teamer: “The competitive nature of a guy … the guy
that refuses to lose … the fighter … the tough guy … the John Simon
type kid. That’s why we do so many win or lose days. I want to see that
distaste in someone’s face when they lose. If they don’t share that same
distaste that a lot of our coaches have then I don’t really want to see
them play. I don’t care how fast or how high they jump or how much they
bench press. If I don’t see that competitive nature in them … that’s the
number one thing I look for.”

Leadership: “We’re looking for leadership by doing … by work ethic …
by leading. I’m not interested in a bunch of group hugs or team meetings.
I really want to see guys lead by not losing. You want to be a great
leader? Go win!”

Position in need: “No question offensive skill. I don’t know who is going
to catch a pass. There’s no track record. I don’t know who is going to
carry the ball. Who is going to touch the ball? I don’t know. I can’t tell
you who is going to touch it.”


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