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New co-defensive coordinator Greg Mattison now game planning for the Buckeyes and not against them


Greg Mattison, who is great in media sessions, talked to us this past Wednesday about the improvements being made on defense ( photo)


65,200 Greg Mattison Ohio State Defensive Coordinator Part 1 August Camp


Back on in January 2019 when new Ohio State head coach Ryan Day had decided he wanted to clean house within the defensive coaching staff. He pulled off a surprising and bold move to everyone in Buckeye Land and Wolverine Land.

He dipped into Jim Harbaugh’s staff and brought two veteran defensive coaches to Ohio State, Greg Mattison and Al Washington. Wow, what guts, was what I heard from fans while sitting in a Roosters Restaurant having some Wings with my girlfriend, Alexandra. One wonders what the folks in Ann Arbor, Michigan, home of the Wolverines, were thinking? Some I can’t put into print, but I am sure traitor, turncoat and Benedict Arnold a just a few to think of.

What those two moves showed Buckeyes fans and the College Football World, is that Ryan Day is going to make his own name and also showed that he will go and do whatever is necessary to improve the Buckeyes and keep them as national title contenders year in and year out.

With Mattison, he is getting 69-year-old defensive coach who has coach all over the defense. He has coached at Illinois, Cornell, Northwestern, Western Michigan, Navy, Texas A&M, Notre Dame and Florida. He had two stints with Michigan, 1992-1996 and 2011-2018. He also coached in the NFL for the Baltimore Ravens 2008-2010.

Coach Day said it was a tough decision to let go of Greg Schiano as defensive coordinator and other staff members but he had to in order to send a message that status quo was not going to continue.

Status quo being the worst defense in school history; giving up 4.5 yards per rush; 25.5 points per game 7th in Big Ten, 50th nationally; rushing 158.2 yards per game 6th in the conference, 57th nationally; passing 245.2 ypg 11th in the conference and 86th nationally; total defense 403.4 ypg 10th in Big Ten, 71st nationally. The points per game of 25.5 per game was the worst since 1999 when they allowed 23.9 per game. All of these stats are unacceptable to the team, fans, media, alumni who follow the team. All aspects of the defense have to improve especially in the linebacking corps and the defensive backfield who at times were just like “toast”!

Coach Mattison said that everyone will see everyone run to the football and two different schemes, “Bullet” and “Sam”.

And Mattison also said that the Buckeyes, despite all of their shortcomings on defense, were still 13-1, Big Ten East champions, Conference champions and Rose Bowl champions.

Eventhough several members of the media tried to get him to unveil the starters on defense, Mattison said that will come at the end of camp. Most of the starters are as plain to figure out as the Buckeye colors of scarlet, gray and white.