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Archive for October 17th, 2018

SPORTS SPOTLIGHT: From Haiti to Columbus, Ohio, East Tigers have the makings of a star athlete in Pierre

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Deo Samuel Pierre ( photo)














High school athletes come from all types of walks of life. They all have a different background; a different story to tell about their upbringing and where they came from.

The East High Tigers football team from Columbus, Ohio have a player who comes from a different part of the world. His story is definitely very interesting and worth telling.

Deo Samuel Pierre, is the young man I am referring to. A junior 5’10, 185-pound RB/QB, he is very talented and is one of the reasons, East has rebounded from four straight 1-9 seasons to the current 3-5 record heading into Week 9 this week against Northland. Matter of fact, he is the reason that head coach Wes Edwards and his staff decided to move away from the spread offense settle into a shotgun set that features two running backs. They wanted to feature his talents and get the ball to him any way possible.

Pierre is having a great season for the Tigers. He is in the area’s Top 15 in rushing with 104 attempts, 1,004 yards, a 9.7 average. He is in the Top 25 in area scoring with 10 touchdowns, 4 PAT’s for 68 points.

While at East, he has played kicker, punter, receiver and outside linebacker.

We mentioned that Pierre came from Haiti. Most people don’t really know much about the country.

Haiti is a country who gained its independence from France in 1804. It a nation located in the Caribbean Sea, between the Dominican Republic and Cuba. People speak Creole and French. The republic has 10.8 million people who fear for their lives at times due to vast political corruption, poverty and violence. Pierre told me during our interview that people get robbed on the street and there is no 9-1-1 to call like we have here in America. He himself sports a right arm that has a bullet wound and a scar on his neck from being attacked with a knife. Haitians take life day to day not knowing what might be on the horizon the next day as far as danger goes.

We Americans are blessed to have 24/7 internet and electricity. Not in Haiti. Pierre said that those two important parts of life come and go. They use in when it is available.

How did “Sammy” as he is called by his teammates, become one of the Columbus City League’s top players is a made for TV movie.

Back in 2013, he arrived in Ohio’s Capital city. But the story goes back eight years prior to that time.

Circa 2005, Pierre said his dad arrived in Columbus from Haiti to take a job with Walmart. He was making plans to someday get the family of four to follow him. 2013 was the year that the plan was achieved. Sadly, Pierre’s mom has passed away. His dad is still trying to bring their aunts, cousins and uncles to the United States in the future.

Sammy has picked up the English language rather quickly. He said it took him just one year to do so.

When he arrived in the U.S., he had no experience with football as soccer is the number one sport in Haiti like it is in most foreign countries. He decided to play as a freshman at East back in 2017.

He says that his football has improved due to running track with the Tigers 400 and 800 relay teams that qualified for the state. The weight room has also helped in his development.

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