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Postgame Quotes from Buckeyes-Black Knights; audio from J.T. Barrett, Parris Campbell and K.J. Hill


62,227 J.T. Barrett OSU QB On breaking records at OSU did he ever think that when he got here 9 16 2017

62,228 J.T. Barrett OSU QB How was this week OSU fans think you should be replaced as the QB 9 16 2017

62,230 J.T. Barrett OSU QB After the loss to Oklahoma he never lost confidence in himself 9 16 2017


62,232 Parris Campbell OSU WR The WR’s were open alot vs. Army 916 2017

62,233 Parris Campbell OSU WR Did the staff tinker with offense, better play choices 9 16 2017

62,236 Parris Campbell OSU WR They got Terry McLaurin going with a touchdown 9 16 2017

62,239 Parris Campbell OSU WR Is he less involved in running the ball on jet sweeps than he thought he would 9 16 2017

62,240 Parris Campbell OSU WR On J.K. Dobbins as a freshman highlight reel playmaker 9 16 2017

62,241 Parris Campbell OSU WR On J.T. Barrett does the team have total faith in him 9 16 2017

62,242 Parris Campbell OSU WR Is the offensive tempo vs Army the way it should be 9 16 2017

62,243 Parris Campbell OSU WR What does the quick hitters to the outside do to a defense 9 16 2017

62,247 Parris Campbell OSU WR Attacking the perimeter on offense with dig routes is that a key for the unit 9 16 2017


62,249 K.J. Hill OSU WR He was the recipient on many of the RPO throws vs Army How does that help the offense 9 16 2017

62,250 K.J. Hill OSU WR How was the pace of offense and how it felt 9 16 2017

62,251 K.J. Hill OSU WR On helping J.T. Barrett setting BTC total TD’s responsible for 9 16 2017

62,253 K.J. Hill OSU WR He evaluates his all around performance vs. Army 9 16 2017

62,254 K.J. Hill OSU WR How is it in the huddle with a J.T. J.K. & K.J. 9 16 2017

62,256 K.J. Hill OSU WR How special was it for J.T. Barrett to get the BTC TD’s responsible for record 9 16 2017


Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett tied and broke the record for Most Touchdowns Responsible for in the Big Ten Conference with 107 passing Drew Brees of Purdue.


Ohio State Football Postgame Quotes


No. 8 Ohio State 38, Army West Point 7

Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017

Ohio Stadium, Columbus, Ohio

Attendance: 108,414


J.T. Barrett, Ohio State graduate quarterback

On breaking multiple Big Ten records throughout the years

“I honestly never really thought about breaking all of these records. I just wanted to come out here and win a lot of football games. I didn’t really picture this coming into Ohio State, but it’s been great with all.”

Parris Campbell, Ohio State junior wide receiver

On current involvement with team

“I don’t think I’m less involved; I just think it’s the nature of the game. It’s depends on what’s at stake and what the situation is. I think the coaches do a great job of calling plays.”


On Army joining the Buckeyes to sing Carmen Ohio

“It was really cool to have them stand behind us. It comes down to a respect thing. Knowing what they do for us – you go to sleep at night knowing guys like that are protecting our country, so it was incredible to share that moment with them.”

J.K. Dobbins, Ohio State freshman running back

On his freshman success out the gate

“To be honest, I knew I would get a good start, but I didn’t think it would be anything like this. I just feel like I can only continue to get better. My offensive line, my receivers, my tight ends – outstanding job blocking. It’s a team effort.”

K.J. Hill, Ohio State sophomore wide receiver

On success of running game

“They had to worry about us on the perimeter, so Mike Weber and JK Dobbins were able to gun up the middle, and it helped our running game out a lot.”

On initial offensive strategy

“Coming in, we had to get our momentum going early because of the style that Army plays. We wanted to go as fast as we could. Our tempo was quick the entire game and that’s what our main focus was.”

Terry McLaurin, Ohio State junior wide receiver

On young guys getting in the rotation

“In the wideout group, Trevon Grimes has really been pushing. As an older guy, I really try to push him because we need him to play. When Marcus [Baugh] isn’t in, we’re running more receivers. In the way we rotate, we need another guy to step up.”

Jeff Monken, Army head coach

On his assessment of the game.

“We lost to a really good football team. That was a talented, tough, physical football team. I’m incredibly proud of our team and the fact that we fought and put in tremendous effort all the way through. We just kept playing, playing as hard as we could. That’s what we ask our guys to do.”

On Ohio State using five defensive backs

“It’s not uncommon for teams that line up like Coach [Greg] Schiano did to put an extra defensive back in at outside linebacker as an overhang player. I think it adds more open field tacklers on the perimeter as we run a lot of pitch plays and toss plays out there on the edge. It gets defensive backs playing against wide receivers and running backs as opposed to linebackers.”

Ahmad Bradshaw, Army senior quarterback

On the momentum following their 99 yard scoring drive

“Absolutely sir, I thought we ran the ball very well. Up front I thought our offensive line blocked them really well, but like coach said they play really hard and are a very talented team and were able to win a lot of one on one battles.”

On his fumble in the third quarter

“Coach always harps on the fundamentals and my job is to get the ball out of the mesh and I didn’t do that before the B-back passed me so it was my fault. I have to pull the ball quickly so I can get it to the next guy. I caused the turnover because I didn’t play fundamentally sound.”



UNLV Rebels, Saturday’s opponent for Ohio State: past coaches, record book and all-time vs. Big Ten teams


Coaching history

Name Seasons All Win% NCs Conf Win% CCs Bowls
Bill Ireland 1968–1972 26–23–1 .530 0 Independent
Ron Meyer 1973–1975 27–8–0 .771 0
Tony Knap 1976–1981 47–20–2 .695 0
Harvey Hyde 1982–1985 26–19–1 .576 0 16–9–1 .635 1 1–0
Wayne Nunnely 1986–1989 19–25–0 .432 0 13–15–0 .464 0 0–0
Jim Strong 1990–1993 17–27–0 .386 0 10–16 .385 0 0–0
Jeff Horton 1994–1998 13–44–0 .228 0 9–27–0 .250 1 1–0
John Robinson 1999–2004 28–42–0 .400 0 14–28–0 .333 0 1–0
Mike Sanford 2005–2009 16–43–0 .259 0 7–32–0 .179 0 0–0
Bobby Hauck 2010–2014 13–38–0 .254 0 9–21–0 .300 0 0–1
Tony Sanchez 2015–present 7–16–0 .304 0 1–1–0 .500 0 0–0


Rushing records

  • Most rushing attempts, career: 519, Dominique Dorsey (2001–04)
  • Most rushing attempts, season: 274, Mike Thomas (1973)
  • Shortest route to 100 yards, 4 attempts Shaquille Murray-Lawrence (August 29, 2013) vs. Minnesota Gophers
  • Most rushing attempts, game: 36, Tim Cornett (November 21, 2013) vs. Air Force
  • Most rushing yards, career: 3,700, Tim Cornett (2010–13)
  • Most rushing yards, season: 1,741, Mike Thomas (1973)
  • Most rushing yards, game: 440, Tim Cornett (November 21, 2013) vs. Air Force
  • Most rushing touchdowns, career: 37, Mike Thomas (1973–74)
  • Most rushing touchdowns, season: 20, Mike Thomas (1973)
  • Most rushing touchdowns, game: 8, Tim Cornett (November 21, 2013) vs. Air Force
  • Longest run from scrimmage: 89 yards (81 m), Darin Brightmon (September 23, 1989 vs. New Mexico State)
  • Most games with at least 100 rushing yards, career: 17, Mike Thomas (1973–74)
  • Most games with at least 100 rushing yards, season: 9, Ickey Woods (1987) and Mike Thomas (1973)
  • Most games with at least 100 rushing yards, season: 6, Kyle “Boomer” Toomer (1989)
  • Most games with at least 200 rushing yards, career: 5, Mike Thomas (1973–74)
  • Most games with at least 200 rushing yards, season: 3, Ickey Woods (1987) and Mike Thomas (1973)

Passing records

  • Most passing attempts, career: 1,029, Randall Cunningham (1982–84)
  • Most passing attempts, season: 506, Jon Denton (1996)
  • Most passing attempts, game: 61, Jon Denton (November 23, 1996 at San José State)
  • Most passing completions, career: 596, Randall Cunningham (1982–84)
  • Most passing completions, season: 277, Jon Denton (1996)
  • Most passing completions, game: 33, Jon Denton (November 23, 1996 at San José State)
  • Most passing yards, career: 8,020, Randall Cunningham (1982–84)
  • Most passing yards, season: 3,778, Sam King (1981)
  • Most passing yards, game: 503, Jon Denton (November 16, 1996 vs. San Diego State)
  • Most passing touchdowns, career: 59, Randall Cunningham (1982–84)
  • Most passing touchdowns, season: 25, Jon Denton (1996)
  • Most passing touchdowns, game: 5, 3 times, most recently by Shane Steichen (October 14, 2006 vs New Mexico(also a Mountain West Conference record)
  • Longest pass completion: 94 yards (86 m), Armani Rogers to Devonte Boyd (September 9, 2017 vs. Idaho)[13]
  • Most games with at least 200 passing yards, career: 24, Randall Cunningham (1982–84)
  • Most games with at least 200 passing yards, season: 11, Sam King (1981)
  • Most games with at least 300 passing yards, career: 9, Jon Denton (1996–97)
  • Most games with at least 300 passing yards, season: 6, Sam King (1981)

Receiving records

  • Most receptions, career: 187, Damon Williams (1995–98)
  • Most receptions, season: 88, Randy Gatewood (1994)
  • Most receptions, game: 23, Randy Gatewood (September 17, 1994 vs. Idaho(also a NCAA record)
  • Most receiving yards, career: 2,604, Earvin Johnson (2001–04
  • Most receiving yards, season: 1,346, Jim Sandusky (1981)
  • Most receiving yards, game: 363, Randy Gatewood (September 17, 1994 vs. Idaho)
  • Most touchdown receptions, career: 24, Henry Bailey (1991–94)
  • Most touchdown receptions, season: 11, Sam Greene (1980)
  • Most touchdown receptions, game: 4, Henry Bailey (September 17, 1994 vs. Idaho)and Nathaniel Hawkins (October 30, 1971 vs. New Mexico Highlands)
  • Most games with at least 100 receiving yards, career: 8, 4 players, most recently by Earvin Johnson (2001–04)
  • Most games with at least 100 receiving yards, season: 8, Jim Sandusky (1981)


Big Ten teams
School All-Time Record Percentage Streak
Michigan 0–1 .000 Lost 1
Minnesota 0–2 .000 Lost 2
Nebraska 0–1 .000 Lost 1
Northwestern 0–2 .000 Lost 2
Wisconsin 2–8 .200 Lost 4



UNLV Rebels are Ohio State Buckeyes Game 3 opponent; Randall Cunningham & Ickey Woods’ alma mater

Coaching history

Name Seasons All Win% NCs Conf Win% CCs Bowls
Bill Ireland 1968–1972 26–23–1 .530 0 Independent
Ron Meyer 1973–1975 27–8–0 .771 0
Tony Knap 1976–1981 47–20–2 .695 0
Harvey Hyde 1982–1985 26–19–1 .576 0 16–9–1 .635 1 1–0
Wayne Nunnely 1986–1989 19–25–0 .432 0 13–15–0 .464 0 0–0
Jim Strong 1990–1993 17–27–0 .386 0 10–16 .385 0 0–0
Jeff Horton 1994–1998 13–44–0 .228 0 9–27–0 .250 1 1–0
John Robinson 1999–2004 28–42–0 .400 0 14–28–0 .333 0 1–0
Mike Sanford 2005–2009 16–43–0 .259 0 7–32–0 .179 0 0–0
Bobby Hauck 2010–2014 13–38–0 .254 0 9–21–0 .300 0 0–1
Tony Sanchez 2015–present 7–16–0 .304 0 1–1–0 .500 0 0–0


Bowl history

Date Bowl W/L Opponent PF PA Notes
December 15, 1984 California W Toledo 30 13 Forfeited game due to NCAA violation
December 15, 1994 Las Vegas W Central Michigan 52 24
December 21, 2000 Las Vegas W Arkansas 31 14
January 1, 2014 Heart of Dallas Bowl L North Texas 14 36
Total 4 Bowl games 3–1 127 87

UNLV also played in the 1974 Grantland Rice Bowl, at the time a national semifinal for Division II, losing to Delaware.


Retired numbers


UNLV Rebels retired numbers
No. Player Pos. Career
12 Randall Cunningham[12] QB 1981–1984

Randall Cunningham 2007 By Justvikings - Own work, Public Domain, https















Ickey Woods running ball for the Bengals (courtesy Bengals)

Future non-conference opponents

Announced schedules as of August 14, 2017

2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
at USC vs Southern Utah vs Louisiana Tech at Arizona State at UTEP
vs UTEP vs Arkansas State vs Arizona State vs Iowa State vs Vanderbilt
at Arkansas State at Northwestern at Iowa State
vs Grambling at Vanderbilt



(courtesy UNLV)





Buckeyes Postgame Notes: #8 Ohio State 38 Army 7


62,212 Urban Meyer OSU coach On what Army has meant to his family 9 16 2017

62,213 Urban Meyer OSU coach On J.T. Barrett being the #1 Big Ten record holder for most TD’s responsible for 9 16 2017

62,218 Urban Meyer OSU coach How are were you ofhow close Barrett was to breaking that record during the game 9 16 2017

62,219 Urban Meyer OSU coach On the play big plays by J.K. Dobbins and Paris Campbell 9 16 2017

62,222 Urban Meyer OSU coach Was able to get Dwayne Haskins in the game trying to bring him along slowly 9 16 2017

62,225 Urban Meyer OSU coach Def coord Greg Schiano was on field today was it because of Army’s offense or to motivate defense up close 9 16 2017



Game Stats ARMY OSU
First Downs 16 30
Total Offensive Yards 278 586
Passing Yards 19 316
Rushing Yards 259 270
Penalty Yards 2-22 5-55
3rd Downs 4-15 4-8
4th Downs 3-4 0-0
Time Of Possession 36:57 23:03


Ohio State Football Postgame Notes


No. 8 Ohio State 38, Army West Point 7

Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017

Ohio Stadium, Columbus, Ohio

Attendance: 108,414

● J.T. Barrett broke Drew Brees’ Big Ten record for most touchdowns responsible for with 107 career touchdowns on his touchdown pass to Austin Mack in the fourth quarter.

●  Ohio State’s 94-yard touchdown drive in the first quarter was the longest of the season.

● The touchdown catch by Mack marked the first of his career.

● K.J. Hill tallied career highs of eight receptions for 74 yards.

● Tuf Borland led the Buckeyes with a career-best 11 tackles.

● Damon Webb tied his career-high nine tackles for the second-consecutive game. Erick Smith set a career high with nine stops.

● J.K. Dobbins’ 52-yard touchdown run in the third quarter marked a career long.

● Terry McLaurin recorded his first touchdown reception of the year in the third quarter.

● Dobbins rushed for 172 yards, marking his second career game of more than 100 yards on the ground. The freshman averaged 13.2 yards per carry vs. Army.

● Drue Chrisman downed his seventh-consecutive punt inside the 15-yard line before the streak was snapped by a touchback in the third quarter.




Army Postgame Notes: Buckeyes 38 Black Knights 7


Army was outrushed for the first time this season, 270-259. The Buckeyes picked up 30 first downs to just 16 for Army. Ohio State also won the battle in total offensive yards, 586-278.

The Black Knights finished 3-of-4 on fourth-down conversions and 4-of-15 on third downs. The Black Knights held the Buckeyes to just 4-of-8 on third downs.


Darnell Woolfolk finished as the Black Knights’ leading rusher for the first time this season after compiling 74 rushing yards against the Buckeyes.



  • Saturday’s game marked the first all-time meeting between Army and Ohio State.
  • The contest was also the largest non-Navy game crowd the Black Knights have played in front of in program history. There were 108,414 in attendance.
  • Woolfolk scored his team-leading fourth touchdown of the season.
  • Army tied a school record with a 99-yard scoring drive in the second quarter.
  • That drive was also the longest that Ohio State has given up in program history.
  • Kelvin Hopkins Jr. came in to throw his first pass of the 2017 season in the first quarter.
  • Zack Saum caught his first career pass in the opening frame.
  • Andy Davidson had a season-long rush of 37 yards, while also accumulating a season-best 54 yards rushing on the day.
  • England posted a season-high seven tackles before leaving the game with an injury.
  • Nachtigal recorded his first sack of the year.


  • On the game’s opening possession, Ohio State used an eight-play, 75-yard drive that ate up 2:37 to give itself an early 7-0 lead.
  • After starting on its own 18, Army began its first drive of the game. The Black Knights rushed for 19, 4, 12 and 3 yards over the next four plays before being stopped at the Buckeyes 44-yard line. Unfortunately, that would be all Army would gain on the drive.
  • A  Zach Potter 38-yard punt forced the Buckeyes to begin their second possession of the game from their own six. However, Ohio State finished off another scoring drive, using 4:12 of the clock, after J.K Dobbins punched it in from two yards out to cap a 13-play, 94-yard scoring drive.
  • The Black Knights finally got things rolling with one minute remaining in the opening period. After a 33-yard punt by Drue Christmas that placed the ball at Army’s own one-yard line, the Black Knights strung together a more than impressive 18-play, 99-yard scoring drive that took 9:37. Woolfolk recorded Army’s lone touchdown after muscling his way into the end zone from three-yards out. Blake Wilson knocked in the point after to pull Army to within 14-7.
  • Two highlights from that drive were Army’s 4th-and-1 conversion from its own 39 and two third downs of seven yards late to keep the possession alive.
  • Ohio State regrouped and worked its way down to the Army 15. The Black Knights were able to keep the Buckeyes out of the end zone though after forcing them to throw two incomplete passes, while also notching a sack for a loss of one yard. Ohio State settled for a 33-yard field goal to take a 17-7 lead into the break.
  • Army received the ball to kick off the second half and worked its way down to the Ohio State 23-yard line. Unfortunately, the Buckeyes tackled Kell Walker for a loss of three to force the Black Knights into a long field goal attempt. Wilson’s 43-yard try sailed just wide and Army would fail to convert any points on the play.
  • On the ensuing possession, Ohio State started its drive with a 22-yard rush from Dobbins to push the ball to the Buckeye 48. Dobbins then broke free for a 52-yard touchdown run to extend the home team’s edge to 24-7.
  • The Buckeyes kicked off and Walker returned it a career-long 43 yards to put the Black Knights in good field possession. The sophomore started that return from the Army 1-yard line and weaved around multiple blockers for his long scamper.
  • A few plays later though, the Black Knights fumbled after a loss of two and turned the ball over at the Buckeyes 36-yard line for the game’s only turnover.
  • Ohio State used three plays to move the ball to the Army 20, before J.T. Barrett connected with Terry McLaurin for a 20-yard touchdown reception to push the Buckeyes advantage to 31-7.
  • The home team strung together one final scoring drive in the final frame after taking over the ball on downs following a missed conversion by Army on 4th-and-2 from the Ohio State 30. The Buckeyes saw Barrett team up with Austin Mack for a 9-yard touchdown reception with 7:01 remaining in the game. That score created a 38-7 gap between the teams.


  • The Black Knights are back on the road next Saturday when they travel to New Orleans to take on Tulane. That contest is slated for an 11 a.m. kick off and will be carried on CBS Sports.



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