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Nationwide Children’s Championship news



Nationwide Children's 18th green seating ( photo)

The 2016 Nationwide Children’s Hospital Championship is FREE to the public! We look forward to welcoming you September 22-25 at The Ohio State University Golf Club for the 10th anniversary of this prestigious Tour Finals event.



Davis Love III and Ryder Cup Trophy Tour visits Georgia-North Carolina Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game


Davis Love with Ryder Cup at UGA UNC Game


Davis Love with Roy Williams, North Carolina basketball coach


UGA X mascot dog and Ryder Cup


Heisman Trophy and Ryder Cup



Love Honored with UNC AD Bubba Cunningham, UGA AD Greg McGarity and College Football
HOF Member Kevin Butler…Ryder Cup visits with Heisman Trophy, College Football Playoff Trophy;
HOF Coach Vince Dooley; UNC Basketball Coach Roy Williams; School Mascots; and Fans Galore

By Michael R. Abramowitz
PGA of America

ATLANTA – (Sept. 4, 2016) United States Ryder Cup Captain Davis Love III made the long drive to Atlanta from his South Georgia home Saturday for the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game Classic between the University of Georgia Bulldogs and the University of North Carolina Tar Heels…And he brought the Ryder Cup Trophy to the game with him, for good measure.

In an unique arrangement, Team Europe lent the Ryder Cup Trophy to Love and the Americans for the first-ever Ryder Cup Trophy Tour that will track more than 5,000 miles across the United States—in order to promote the upcoming Ryder Cup, Sept. 30-Oct. 2, at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota, as part of the “We Are 13” initiative to promote fan engagement.

“We’re really lucky to have it right now,” Love explained to a UNC fan.

Love was a three-time All-American on the North Carolina golf team, where he and Carolina basketball star Buzz Peterson introduced golf to Peterson’s roommate, Michael Jordan.

The Trophy, which first appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” the Today Show and Facebook Live on Monday, took a weekend turn to the passionate land of college football, as it travels from UGA-UNC at the Georgia Dome to Notre Dame-Texas in Austin today to Ole Miss-Florida State in Orlando on Labor Day. Stops later this month include Notre Dame-Michigan State and UNLV-UCLA, as well as visits to Major League Baseball games between the Cubs-Brewers and Twins-Tigers.

Fans, media and college football legends on both sides of the Georgia Dome were ecstatic, as the Ryder Cup and/or Love made the rounds—meeting for photo ops with the likes of the Heisman Trophy; College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy; mascots UGA X, Hairy Dawg and UNC’s Ramses; College Football Hall of Fame Football Coach Vince Dooley; UNC Head Basketball Coach Roy Williams; and countless fans among the record Kickoff Game sellout crowd of  75,404, who were frankly in awe of the site of Samuel Ryder’s 17-inch tall gold masterpiece.

Selfies were rampant. As were countless questions that echoed, “Is that really the Ryder Cup? Can I get my picture with it?”

At the end of the first quarter, a huge roar from Heels and Dawgs fans alike was heard, as Love presented the Trophy in the Carolina end zone to the packed house. He exchanged signed Team USA golf bags for jerseys from both schools, with UNC Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham, UGA Athletic Director Greg McGarity, and legendary UGA and Chicago Bears Kicker Kevin Butler, a member of the College Football HOF.

Love’s son, Davis “Dru” Love IV, who is a senior on the University of Alabama golf team, looked on from the sideline, while other friends and family were in the crowd.

Friendships Rekindled

Approximately 20 miles away and some four decades ago, Love’s father, Davis Love Jr., was the beloved PGA Head Professional at Atlanta Country Club in Marietta, Ga., where a young Van Earl Wright caddied for the Love family.

A friendship was struck.

Last night, Wright, who eventually became a popular sports anchor for CNN, and Love reunited on the field for an interview for the “Bulldogs Game Week” show on the local WSB-TV affiliate in Atlanta.

“Old childhood friend & Ryder Cup Captain, Davis Love III with the most valuable item in Ga Dome,” Wright captioned a photo on Facebook.

Love would also be interviewed for the Georgia Bulldogs Sports Network by legendary announcer Loran Smith, another friend of both Davis Love III and his father. Smith has covered 55 Masters, and he attended the 1960 Masters as a fan, where Arnie’s Army was born. Smith has been a part of Georgia football broadcasts for 44 years, most famously as the former sideline reporter for the late, iconic play-by-play announcer Larry Munson.

“Davis will be a classy Ryder Cup Captain,” said Smith, who remarked several times how much he admires the entire Love family.

Meanwhile, Cunningham hosted Love in the Athletic Director’s box, where Carolina  fans took photos with him and the Ryder Cup throughout the night.

“It was an honor to be with the Ryder Cup and have so many fans see the Cup,” said Love. “It was great to be with Bubba Cunningham and see so many of my Tarheel family, and also see so many of my supporters from UGA. Loran Smith has been a friend of the family since my high school days, and of course, it is always great to get to talk to Coach Dooley.


“Van Earl was an innovator in covering sports on TV, and I always knew I had played well if he talked about me on his show. And to get to spend time with Roy Williams made the night even more special. He has been supportive in all I have done since my Chapel Hill days, and he is always willing to help Team USA.”


Georgia came back to defeat Love’s Alma Mater 33-24, capped by a scintillating 55-yard touchdown run for glory by Heisman candidate Nick Chubb, as the Ryder Cup looked on from high above in the press box.

Tonight, the Ryder Cup Trophy Tour visits the Longhorns and Irish, deep in the heart of Texas, as we count down the days to the start of the 41st Ryder Cup at Hazeltine.




Fourth Round Course Set-up Notes for U.S. Senior Open, Scioto Country Club








Hole Par Yards Course Setup Notes from Jeff Hall

1 4 430 The opening hole at Scioto can be a good birdie opportunity. Look for some players to play 3-woods from the tee to take the fairway bunkers left of the drive zone out of play. Today the breeze will be coming primarily from the west which will result in a right-to-left cross wind. Today’s hole location (27-4L) is in the very back portion of this fairly narrow green. 2 4 428 One of the better driving holes on the golf course. A very deep bunker located right of the drive zone that begins at 255 yards and extends to 290 yards must be avoided. Today’s front-right hole location (10-8R) is behind the front-right greenside bunker. This green slopes significantly from back to front and the back portion of the green can be used as a backstop to keep the ball on the green. Most putts will be from beyond this hole location, resulting in a fast putt. 3 4 379 One of the shorter par 4s at Scioto. I would expect to see many players lay up here with something other than driver. The fairway has a great deal of movement to it with the flat portion of the fairway coming at a point 235-255 yards off the tee. There is no primary (2.75”) rough along the fairway on this hole. Today’s hole location (11-9R) is in the front right of this putting green, behind the front-right bunker. The ridge that runs from back to front and divides the green is only two paces to the right of this hole location. The breeze will be from left to right today. 4 3 204 We are on the back tee with a back-left hole location (23-5L) today. This hole is playing its longest for the week in Round 4. The hole is well protected by the left greenside bunker. It will be a difficult hole to get the ball close to. This hole typically plays back into the prevailing breeze but today the breeze will be more right to left and slightly hurting. We have been very mindful of the type of shot being played into this green and have been managing this green’s firmness accordingly. 5 4 462 A long par 4 on the scorecard that plays a bit shorter than its yardage. The combination of the downhill tee shot and the creek at the end of the fairway will likely result in many players playing something other than driver from the tee. This drive zone is unique in that there is a predominant slope both left and right that will funnel balls back into the fairway. The green sits up in the air and a pronounced ridge cuts across the middle of the green, separating the narrow front portion from the wider back portion. Today’s hole location (28-5R) is on the upper portion of the green and will be very difficult to get to and will likely result in many uphill putts. 6 5 557 The lone par 5 on the front nine provides a good birdie opportunity – it has played as the easiest hole all week. Players have not had much trouble driving it far enough to get an unobstructed look at the putting green, resulting in many having a “go” at this green in two shots. Today’s wind will be with the players on the tee shot but more left to right from that point on. Another green with a pronounced slope separating the front and back portions of the putting surface. Today’s front-right hole location (18-4R) is on the upper portion but is protected by the front right greenside bunker. 7 4 376 Another opportunity for birdie, but the fairway has a good deal of movement which will add to the degree of difficulty. I would expect many players to play something other than a driver from this tee. The best angle to today’s middleleft hole location (17-4L) will be from the right side of the fairway. This hole location is well protected by the front left bunker. 8 4 438 Hole 8 has been the most difficult hole on the golf course for the week. We will be using the 450 tee today given the difficult front-center hole location (7- 7CTR), which is flanked both left and right by bunkers. Players will have the opportunity to drive it farther down the left side, where there is ample room, to gain a shorter approach shot to this hole location. The expansive closely mown area that wraps around the right side of the green has been a popular spot for second shots. We have been very mindful of the type of second shot being played into this green and have been managing this green’s firmness accordingly. The breeze today will be right to left and slightly against. 9 3 163 Today’s hole location is back right (20-6R) behind the right greenside bunker. Expect most birdie putts to come from hole-high left or slightly beyond this hole location. This hole will play back into today’s westerly breeze. TOTAL 35 3,437

10 4 432 The tee shot is played into one of the narrower fairways at Scioto. The drive zone is protected on the right by a single fairway bunker that starts at 245 yards from the tee and extends to 270 yards. The fairway is flat to a point about 285 yards before it falls off to the right. Today’s back-right hole location (27-5R) will stretch this hole to its longest for the week and it will be difficult to access. Most putts to this hole location will be uphill. The left-to-right breeze here today could add some difficulty to this hole. 11 4 288 The tee has been moved up to the most forward tee. The hole will play 288 from the tee markers to the back-left hole location (23-3L), but 265 to the front. The breeze today will predominantly be from left to right. Even with the softer conditions, it is likely that many players will try to drive the green. The large closely mown area left of the green could figure prominently in the play of this hole today. A miss into the back bunker will leave a very difficult recovery. 12 5 491 We moved up to the 503 tee to mitigate the impact of the low area in the original drive zone. This putting green is long and narrow and today features a front-left hole location (10-3L). There is a small knob right of this hole location which will certainly have an impact on putting. The hole will play back into the westerly breeze today. 13 4 450 One of the stronger par 4s on the golf course, playing today to a back-right hole location (23-5R). The green is the largest at Scioto and slopes from back to front, making it pretty receptive. Today’s breeze will be from right to left and slightly against. The middle portion of the green slopes gently from left to right. Shots finishing in the middle or back portion of the green will be faced with downhill putts. 14 3 196 This hole has been the third-most difficult through the first three rounds, but only the second-most difficult par-3! It will play a good bit shorter today than it did in Round 3, as we are using 205 tee with a front-left hole location (12-9L). The false front that extends into the first 7 yards of this green will be a factor today. The breeze will be at the player’s back and slightly from the right. One of the flatter greens on the course.

15 4 435 This hole has played quite a bit easier than expected – it was the sixth-easiest for the first three rounds. The positioning of the tee shot can be critical to successfully playing this hole. The bunker on the inside corner of this left-toright dogleg must be avoided. This hole has been playing with the wind, but today’s westerly breeze will be a left-to-right crosswind from the tee and still a bit left to right and helping on the second shot. Today’s hole location (7-6R) will not be as accessible as Saturday’s hole location but the softer conditions should worker to the player’s advantage. 16 4 428 A hole where playing from the fairway is imperative. We might see a variety of clubs played from the tee. There are two plateaus in this fairway. The first finishes at a point 250 yards from the tee and the second runs from the 280- 295-yard mark from the tee. The green sits up in the air and is well protected in front by two bunkers and a false front. Today’s hole location (17-6L) is in the middle-left portion of this green. This will be a difficult hole to get near as it is right behind the left greenside bunker, especially as the westerly breeze will have this hole playing downwind. Shots beyond this hole run the risk of finding the large closely mown area behind the green, which will leave a difficult recovery. Putts from beyond this hole location will be pretty quick. 17 3 198 We are using the 187 tee today with a back-left hole location (28-4L). This rather narrow and angled putting green is the smallest on the golf course. The middle-to-back portion of the green will feed balls toward this hole location. Players who miss the green right or long will be faced with a very difficult recovery. This hole has played as the second-most difficult for the week, but only slightly more difficult than hole 14 as far as the par 3s are concerned! There is an optional dropping zone located on the 118 tee for a ball in the water hazard. 18 4 454 With the hole located in the back right (26-7R), the hole will be playing at its longest for the week in Round 4. The hole is protected by the front-right bunker. Likely most shots will be played to the middle of the green leaving a reasonable birdie chance, but putts from this area of the green will be uphill and slow. The breeze today will be from right to left. TOTAL 35 3,372 TOTAL 70 6,809

Course Set-Up Maintenance: Bob Becker and his team did a great job moving standing water and restoring several bunkers that were impacted by the 2.36” of rain that fell from 2 p.m. Saturday through approximately 3 p.m. on Sunday. This morning, because of the wet conditions, we only mowed collars, approaches and putting greens. We removed dew from tees. Bunkers were also prepped. We were unable to remove dew from fairways because of the soft conditions.

Green Speeds Putting greens were double cut but we were unable to roll. Our average speed dropped 7” to 12’.

Weather Forecast

Today’s Weather Forecast from Jake Swick (ThorGuard) Good day everyone, The additional .49″ of rain this morning gives us a grand total of 2.85″ of rain over the last three days. Look for sunshine to try and come out more and more early to mid-afternoon, heating us up into the 80s. That should be enough to destabilize our atmosphere ahead of the showers and storms that will form in Kentucky. They will head north and northeastward in our direction this afternoon and this evening giving us a 40% chance of showers and storms from 5 p.m. and beyond. In fact, the models show us having a couple of brief opportunities for a 60% chance of showers and storms around 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. Then the action on radar should decrease overnight and Tuesday morning, but it will become breezier and unstable again by Tuesday afternoon with another window of the 60% chance of showers and storms around 2 to 5 p.m.

Kirk Triplett withdraws from U.S. Senior Open prior to final round

Kirk Triplett in 2011 By Keith Allison, CC BY-SA 2.0, https



Monday, August 15

PLAYER WITHDRAWAL: Kirk Triplett, Scottsdale, Ariz.


KIRK TRIPLETT has withdrawn from the 2016 U.S. Senior Open Championship on Monday, August 15.

Triplett, who withdrew prior to the fourth round, shot 75-72-72—219 through 54 holes. Triplett was competing in his fifth U.S. Senior Open.

Triplett was scheduled to begin from the 10th tee at 11:51 a.m. EDT and was playing with Greg Kraft and Billy Andrade.




Fred Funk withdraws from U.S. Senior Open prior to final round

Fred Funk in 2006 By Matt Muskovac Mattman944 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https



Monday, August 15

PLAYER WITHDRAWAL: Fred Funk, Ponte Vedra, Fla.

FRED FUNK has withdrawn from the 2016 U.S. Senior Open Championship on Monday, August 15.

Funk, who withdrew prior to the fourth round, shot 71-73-81–225 through 54 holes. Funk won the 2009 U.S. Senior Open Championship, held at Crooked Stick Golf Club, in Carmel, Ind. He was one of seven past U.S. Senior Open champions to make the 36-hole cut this week.

Funk was scheduled to begin from the 10th tee at 1:04 p.m. EDT and was playing with Kiyoshi Murota. Murota will now play in a group of four with Mark Calcavecchia, Brian Mogg and Tom Watson at 12:54 p.m.



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